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Mike Rasmussen – Employee Theft

In this segment of “Ask the Experts,” Michael J. Rasmussen of Rasmussen Tax Group discusses all aspects of employee theft from prevention to protection. He also explains its effects on your yearly income tax filing. … More

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House Calls with the Dough Doctor, Tom Lehmann

In this segment of “House Calls with the Dough Doctor,” Tom Lehmann discusses the differences between deck ovens and conveyor ovens, dough issues, mixer options, pizza discs, screens, and trays, and high-gluten vs. baker’s flour, and more dough questions. … More

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Pizzeria's sales raise $9,000 for student hit by bus

According to an article from, “A Bucks County pizza shop sold between 800 and 1,000 pizzas in its marathon sale Wednesday to raise money for Ashley Zauflik, the Pennsbury High School junior critically injured when a school bus rolled over her this month.” The pizzeria owner stated in the … More

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This Week in Pizza

A look at some of the news headlines from this week in pizza. Included in this weeks’ segment: Pesos for Pizza, Missouri Kidnapping and Imo’s pizza, Minimum Wage hike effects on the industry, and the arguments over pizzerias accepting mexican money as payment in the United States. … More

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Seven Keys to an Effective and Profitable Pizzeria Website

           Gone are the days when having a web presence was something only for large pizza chains with huge marketing and technology budgets. In today’s business environment, having a website is a must for any pizza restaurant business, no matter how large or small. In fact, not having a web … More

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Rules for Leading: Break Them At Your Own Risk

In a desperate championship game, a football coach calls a play–a special play, that he knows will work. The ball is snapped; the quarterback drops back to pass and throws to a running back who catches the ball while he is behind the line of scrimmage. The running back stops, sets, … More

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Trans Fat Free Oil is Good For Business

BREA, Calif.—Ventura Foods, LLC announces the introduction of a revolutionary new trans fat free multipurpose oil. Made with Vistive™ soybean oil, Mel-Fry® Free Soy High Performance Zero Trans Multi-Purpose Oil features the premium flavor and frying performance of partially hydrogenated oils, without the unhealthy trans fats. This new product launch … More

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Looking for Umami?

The Mushroom Council Creates Resource for Foodservice Operators Seeking to Enhance Flavor and Taste San Jose, CA (January 17, 2007) – Consumers’ appetite for delicious and nutritious food choices is more ravenous than ever, and a related term is gaining prominence in the consumer consciousness: umami. The increased awareness from consumers … More

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The Seven Core Competencies for Partnering

Too often the attempt falls short of the desired outcomes. When partnering fails, many times it is because the team leaders and team members didn’t know how to make it succeed. Seven Core Competencies have been identified for making partnering succeed.   SEVEN CORE COMPETENCIES FOR PARTNERING™   Competency #1: … More