Informed by the descendants of Frank Sinatra that they had to change their restaurant’s name or face potential legal action, the owners of Sinatra’s Pizzeria did it their way: By spelling Sinatra backward.

Lindsey and Justin Gillett announced the name change on Monday via Facebook. The pizzeria, which has locations in Rome and Oneida, New York, will henceforth be known as Artani’s. Now that’s what we call forward thinking.

“Just wait until Mr and Mrs Artanis hear about this,” one follower quipped in a comment.

A couple of other Facebook users noted that Artanis is “the leader of the Daelaam” and “a renowned warrior [who] seeks to use unify his divided people and will let nothing stand in the way to restore the glory of the protoss.”

That’s a reference to a character in the Starcraft video game. Let’s just hope he doesn’t come after the Gilletts next. He packs a photon blaster.

As PMQ reported last week, the Gilletts had been operating Sinatra’s Pizzeria in Rome for nearly four years. They opened their second location in Oneida last October. But in late March, they received a cease-and-desist letter from Sinatra’s family and the Frank Sinatra Foundation. “They have been really nice and given [us] plenty of time to make the change,” the Gilletts explained in a March 26 post on Facebook.

The pizzeria’s owners wisely turned the challenge into a marketing and branding opportunity, inviting their Facebook followers and customers to suggest a new name. The choices came down to Artani’s versus Amby’s, the name of their youngest daughter. The Gilletts put the two names to a vote on April 1, garnering 464 comments, 109 likes and seven shares.

Although the name change will require new signage, redesigned menus and other tweaks, inviting the pizza company’s fans to help choose the new moniker could build brand loyalty and an enhanced sense of community.

Not to mention that the Gilletts also received free media exposure—from publications and websites like the Utica Observer-Dispatch, the Rome Sentinel and—which could translate into increased business. For example, WIBX, a news and talk radio station, covered the story and noted, “No matter what the name is changed to, Gillett has made it very clear that one thing that won’t change is the quality of their products and services. Get out and support Sinatra’s or whatever it will be called whenever you get the chance.

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