Just six months after opening a second location of Sinatra’s Pizzeria, owners Lindsey and Justin Gillett are faced with an unexpected dilemma: They can’t keep the brand’s name. It seems Ol’ Blue Eyes’ estate disapproves.

The Gilletts opened their first Sinatra’s Pizzeria in Rome, New York, nearly four years ago, and they did it their way—but with the legendary crooner’s name. The restaurant features Sinatra music, vintage photos and memorabilia along with pizzas, subs, calzones, strombolis and fried haddock on Fridays.

They opened a second location in Oneida, New York, last October, a larger place with the same theme and décor. Frank Sinatra, Lindsey Gillett told the Rome Sentinel earlier this month, “was loved by so many people and is almost a part of restaurant history himself, as much as sausage and Italian bread.”

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No doubt the Frank Sinatra Foundation and his descendants would agree. Sinatra himself loved a good slice and was a fan of Sally’s Apizza in New Haven and Patsy’s Pizzeria in East Harlem. But the use of his name for a pizza shop is apparently another matter entirely.

In a March 26 Facebook post, the Gilletts revealed that they received a cease-and-desist letter from Sinatra’s family and foundation a week earlier.

Fortunately, the Sinatras aren’t being jerks about it.

“They have been really nice and given [us] plenty of time to make the change,” the post read.

The Gilletts aren’t spoiling for a fight with the family of one of the 20th century’s most beloved singers. (Sinatra was a pretty scrappy guy, after all.) Instead, they have shrewdly turned the problem into a marketing opportunity, reaching out to their customers on Facebook to help come up with a new name. “This is a little sad, a little exciting, but we will make the best of it and try to make this change a GREAT one,” the Gilletts wrote.

That post has garnered 383 comments so far—and a plethora of suggestions for renaming the pizzeria. It also earned free publicity from regional TV station WKTV. “So far I’ve heard a lot of people talk about using my name,” Gillett told WKTV. ‘My Way,’ I like. ‘New York, New York’ sounded good. There are some [suggestions] out there that we are considering right now and just trying to come up with the best one.”

Other ideas from the pizzeria’s fans include Ol’ Blue Eyes Pies, Frankie’s Pizza, Crooners, Fly Me to the Moon and Chairman of the Board Pizza.

One Facebook follower proposed simply changing the S in Sinatra to a C. And another suggested, “Artanis Pizza (spell it backwards), then put a backwards pizza on the menu.”

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