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PMQ Pizza Roundup for June 5

We start our pizza week in Parma Italy, home of the World Pizza Championships. Jamie Culliton of St. Petersburg, Florida, tossed and twirled–and danced–his way to to his second straight second-place finish. Back in America enjoying our National Pasttime, the Fresno Grizzlies found a way to combine baseball fans' two favorite ballpark foods–hotdogs and pizza. If you can't make it to the park, or to your local pizzeria, the foodies at the New Orleans Times-Picayune share the latest cooking technology and recipes for making fabulous pizza at home.

And if there is no place like home to eat pizza, the saucy, cheesy stuff makes a pretty good downpayment for the home of your dreams. Let's face it, pizza is so popular that this New York pizzeria decided to stack min-slices on their pizza slices and call it the monthly special. A frozen pizza making giant like Nestle would be the Evil Empire to your typical mom-and-pop pizza shop, but they've turned into good guys by taking the artificial ingredients out of their grocery aisle pies.

Speaking of retail store pizza makers, Costco is drawing crowds with a pizza-making robot that closely resembles a painting toy you might have used as a kid. Dean Medico is a New Rochelle, New York, food truck operator who does pizza the old fashioned Italian way

New Pizzerias

When longtime buddies Mark Rasberry and Clint Price set out to create their ideal pizza chain, they had a focus: family-friendly environment. They found it in Woodlands, Texas. with Crust Pizza. They've opened four new stores since 2011 and plan a new one this fall.