Legendary pizza chef and restaurateur Tony Gemignani has teamed up with some of the world’s greatest pizzaioli on a new cookbook that’s both large in scope and innovative in terms of incorporating multimedia technology. In short, it’s like no pizza cookbook you’ve ever seen.

Titled The Pursuit of Pizza: Recipes from the World Pizza Champions, the book is loaded with pizza and dough recipes from Gemignani, Laura Meyer, Mike Bausch, Nick Bogacz, John Arena, Joe Carlucci and others. It’s available here on Amazon.

The Pursuit of Pizza features nearly 50 recipes. But what’s truly unique is that it also comes with QR codes for how-to videos that teach skills like stretching dough or cutting a Roman-style pizza with scissors correctly.

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This latest cookbook follows the successful release of Gemignani’s 2014 book, The Pizza Bible.

In The Pursuit of Pizza, Gemignani is one of four profiled champions and a few dozen participating pizzaiolos from around the world who share their award-winning recipes with home chefs for the first time ever, breaking them down into easy steps anyone can achieve. Readers can learn recipes for pizzas like Gemignani’s The Cortopassi, Chris Decker’s 86th Street Sicilian, Leo Spizzirri’s Chicago Stuffed Pizza, Nicole Bean’s Sweet Pea Pizza and Bausch’s Oktoberfest, among many others.

The video QR code demonstrations include instructions for folding a calzone, making a poolish, dough-tossing techniques for acrobatics, pushing out Sicilian dough for parbaking, assembling an Old Forge-style pizza and more.

The book also shares personal insights into the co-authors’ “passion for craft and community, what drives them to reveal their secrets, and a window into humanity’s enduring love affair with pie—that humble, shareable feast that’s brought us together for millennia, feeding body and soul.”   

The Pursuit of Pizza retails for $59.99, which includes access to the how-to videos. A portion of the book royalties will go to The Make-A-Wish Foundation in perpetuity.

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