So, how often have you been at a restaurant, casino or buffet and the waiter takes your plates away and all you have left is a dirty, germ‐ridden, sticky and unhealthy table to place your Silverware on? I bet you are nodding your head “YES” about now, right?

Well…the owner of Pacific Emblem Company in San Diego often attends trade shows, events and eats out a lot, and became so frustrated that he would prop up the Silverware on a napkin or salt or pepper shaker or even his smart phone. A light went off and he ended up inventing and patenting the Utensil Buddy…literally raising silverware to a new level! Made of safe, food-grade silicone, this perfect sized silverware companion is the ideal partner for holding your utensils during your meal. These can be custom imprinted from 1‐4 colors and are a great give‐away for any casino, restaurant, buffet, resort, fast food and more!

Just think…health insurance and healthcare is so costly that not only could this keep people healthier, BUT will save restaurants money on dishwashing, silverware costs and more since it allows the customer to use the same set throughout the meal. So, when someone asks if you have a friend…tell them you have a friend and a Utensil Buddy! For more information, email and we will send you more information about this new product. Just coming off an extremely successful National Restaurant Show in Chicago, and chain, steak, boutique restaurants, food service, nursing facilities and more went nuts over how fun, green, practical and healthy these are. See the Utensil Buddy in action and become a friend for life at – raising Silverware to a new level!

For more information: contact Rich S. at 800‐872‐8778. 

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