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Fire in the Hole! Warming Up to Wood-Fired Ovens

From the beginning, pizza was meant to be cooked in a wood-fired oven—and there’s a good reason for that. According to Andrey Varlamov, a physicist who studies superconductivity at Italy’s National Research Council, wood-fired ovens (such as the one from Athens, Georgia-based Your Pie pictured above) provide the perfect pizza … More

Product Spotlight

Product Spotlight-JanFeb 2020

Grande Sliced Whole Milk Mozzarella Grande Sliced Whole Milk Mozzarella has a rich buttery flavor and creamy texture and is made from all-natural ingredients that are free of artificial colors, fillers and preservatives. Sliced Whole Milk Mozzarella provides you exactly the right size, shape and weight every time, for every … More

Equipment & Technology

Cold Comfort: The Latest Innovations in Restaurant Refrigeration

As with all appliances, restaurant refrigeration technology is quickly moving fridges and freezers into the Jetsons era with added features, from cloud-based monitoring to WiFi capabilities. “The latest innovations in smart fridges and freezers include touchscreens, and we’re seeing a strong emphasis on built-in cameras as well,” says Beverly Friedmann, … More

Equipment & Technology

Why Pizza Restaurants Need Digital Marketing Technology

From loyalty programs to email marketing, the beauty of digital marketing technology is that it’s almost guaranteed to improve your operation’s efficiency, save money and increase your sales, especially if your pizzeria has a strong delivery component. Digital menus can reduce your printing costs, while staff training can be offered … More