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Fuel Pizza co-founder felt ‘crazy shake’ before fatal Amtrak crash

The co-founder of Fuel Pizza , pictured, was munching on his favorite brand of pizza on the train from Washington to New York when all hell broke lose. 

The Charlotte Observer reports minutes before the Amtrak train derailed outside Philadelphia on May 12, Jeremy Wladis sat in the last car, eating a slice of Fuel Pizza, texting and getting work done on his tablet. This was a routine trip for the New Yorker who helped found Fuel in Charlotte about 17 years ago. Wladis had just sat down after walking the length of the train, as he often does, to get a bit of exercise.

Suddenly, “Cell phones fly, laptops fly, purses fly, bags fly, shoes fly, two women flew," he recalled. "They were catapulted above my head into the luggage rack.”

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