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How Local Water Affects Your Pizza Dough

Does local water influence the taste of the finished crust? Not as long as the water is potable and doesn’t have any “off” flavors. If your local water is bad, a simple fix is to install a suitable water filter designed to address the issue at hand. Q: I’ve heard so many stories … More

Tom Lehmann: In Lehmann's Terms

How To Calculate Bakers Percent in Dough-Making

In this timeless article republished from 2018, the late Tom “The Dough Doctor” Lehmann explained the specifics of calculating bakers percent in dough-making. Bakers percent lets you easily pinpoint any issues with ingredient amounts in your pizza dough. Related: A simple solution to your pizza dough bubble troubles If you’re … More


Creating the Best Takeout Experience for Your Customers

Faced with a shortage of employees, especially delivery drivers, pizzerias need to ramp up their takeout game to remain profitable. Treat your takeout customers like dine-in customers, and you can win repeat business and positive online reviews. Related: Increase your pizzeria’s sales by improving your carryout and curbside game By … More