this photo illustrates the role of yeast in pizza dough
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Understanding the Role of Yeast in Pizza Dough

All three types of yeast perform comparably and result in the same flavor profiles for pizza when used at the correct substitution levels.  Instant dry yeast (IDY), possibly the most widely used type in pizza dough, has a shelf life of one to two years at room-temperature (65° to 80°F) … More

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Extending Mozzarella's Shelf Life

QUESTION: Can you offer any suggestions for prolonging the shelf life of fresh mozzarella cheese? ANSWER: In an earlier column, we explored several different options for storing fresh mozzarella, but there are some tricks for making it last longer, too. For starters, you should not reach into the liquid packing … More

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To Cook or Not to Cook?

QUESTION: In your opinion, is it better to cold-mix or slow-cook a pizza sauce? ANSWER: “To cook or not to cook? That is the question.” There seems to be a great deal of controversy over this subject; arguments can be made for and against producing a cooked and uncooked sauce. … More

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Reducing Salt Levels in Dough

QUESTION: How important is salt to the texture and taste of dough? ANSWER: Salt is very important to the texture, taste and performance of the dough and the finished crust. Without salt, the finished crust will have a bland flavor. Also, the dough will rise quickly and might even “blow,” … More

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Grit, par-baking and bread loaves

QUESTION: I use cornmeal to keep my dough from sticking to the peel, but some of my customers have complained about its grit. What other meal or flour could I use as a similar substitute? ANSWER: The nice thing about cornmeal and other gritty dusting-flour mediums is their ability to act like a lot of little … More

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On a roll

QUESTION: How can I make fresh dough or rolls last longer? It seems wasteful to throw them away at the end of the day. ANSWER: I’m going to assume that when you say “rolls,” you mean breadsticks, and that you are using a typical pizza dough formula to make them. Sometimes when we speak about preservation … More

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Changing of the Crust

Pizza is an ancient food, born of the need to find a simple way of enriching bread to make it more substantial and tastier. Pizza dough and the resulting baked crust is a member of the flatbread family. However, the most interesting aspect of pizza is its variety. The universal success of pizza is contained within a fairly … More

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Garlic knots, recipe testing and dough to go

QUESTION: I’d like to add garlic knots to my menu, but I’ve tasted ones that are either too greasy or don’t have enough garlic flavor. Do you have a good recipe? ANSWER: You can very easily use your current dough for the production of garlic knots. Cut your dough into 2-ounce pieces, roll them into 4” to … More

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Zeak's tweaks: biscuit crust

QUESTION: Have you ever heard of someone using biscuit mix for a breakfast pizza? ANSWER: Using a biscuit dough as a crust base is another option you can consider when building a breakfast pizza. The recipe below has worked for me in several applications. In a mixing bowl, blend together flour, … More