Billy Manzo

Billy Manzo’s 6 Rules for Social Media Success

Do you want to be famous on social media, or do you want to run a successful pizzeria? They’re not one and the same.  Social media should be about connections and community, not a mirror, says pizza guru Billy Manzo. Related: 7 tips for marketing your pizzeria on YouTube By Billy … More

Business & Marketing

Is Third-Party Delivery Right for Your Pizzeria?

For many pizza chains and independent operators, third-party delivery companies like Uber Eats and Doordash make great partners. But for a smaller market, a local provider might be a better choice. To partner successfully with a local third-party delivery service, meet with the owner, hash out a plan and grow … More

Marketing Idea Zone

Idea Zone: Lincoln’s New 2424 Aperion Impinger Is Company’s Fastest-Cooking Oven

Lincoln, a leading Welbilt brand of commercial cooking equipment, has introduced its new high-performance midsize conveyor oven: The Lincoln 2424 Aperion Impinger. Aperion, which derives from the Greek word for “boundless or unlimited,” is the perfect description for Lincoln’s new impingement oven. This unique oven is brimming with features designed to maximize efficiency without ever compromising on the quality for which Lincoln is renowned. The Lincoln … More