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Pizza360 - Combating Rising Food Costs with Sean Brauser

The founder of Romeo's Pizza details methods and strategies for combating the current spike in costs of cheese, beef, wheat and vegetables that are affecting pizzerias around the nation.

Introducing PMQ Extra

Steve Green, PMQ Pizza Magazine publisher announces PMQ Extra. PMQ Extra is bonus content for every issue of PMQ, exclusive to the digital version. Read expanded articles, additional content, and behind the scenes videos that we couldn't fit into the print edition, available at

Satchel's: Art & Soul

Owned by artist and philanthropist Satchel Raye, Satchel's Pizza in Gainesville, Fla. thrives on an employee-centered business model, funky junk-themed decor and stellar pies and calzones.

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Need help on how to save money on pizza boxes!


over blown dough

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Recipe of the Month: Red, White and Blue Pizza

Nutella offers a recipe for a truly delicious hazelnut spread pizza.

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Meet the U.S. Pizza Team

Create a positive experience for your staff by treating them like internal customers.

As a pizzeria operator, you can do all the clever marketing in the world, but if your employees are unhappy, it won’t do you much good.

Bill’s Pizza & Pub

This smalltown Illinois underdog has been increasing its fan base since 1957.

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Signature desserts provide upsell opportunities and better profit margins.

From Nutella brownies and monkey bread to s’more calzones, desserts can be priced to generate a much healthier profit compared to an entree.

A new bakery concept from Metro Pizza’s John Arena transforms breakfast into a moneymaker.

As the public’s demand for artisan, handcrafted food continues to rise, Lulu’s Bread & Breakfast is uniquely positioned to capitalize on the trend.

Bacon is the fastest-growing protein in the pizza business, so give your customers what they want.

From humble breakfast staple to a cultural icon, bacon is the most frequently menued pork product in restaurants.

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An expert offers suggestions for tapping into the power of Yelp.

Love them or hate them, crowdsourced reviews are here to stay, and pizzeria operators must learn to live with them—and capitalize on them.

Topping a pizza requires consistency and precision to maximize customer satisfaction.

Dan Risner of PizzaSkool offers tips for prepping, topping and creating the perfect pizza.

Take advantage of these amazing new technologies to create a clean, spotless restaurant for your guests

New technologies include hands-free systems, nanotechnology-powered, self-cleaning surfaces and chemical-free cleaners.


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