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USPT - Slice of Americana

PMQ hosted an Independence Day culinary contest in their hometown of Oxford, MS. Seventeen pizzaiolos competed for a grand prize free trip to Italy to compete at the World Pizza Championship on the U. S. Pizza Team.

Pizza 360 - Trench Marketing w/ Rudy Waldner

Rudolf J. Waldner; author of Marketing From The Trenches and worldwide seminar veteran, shares his best tips for succeeding at restaurant operation.

Spotlight on Fat Kats Pizzeria

Pizza TV visits Fat Kats Pizzeria in Georgetown, KY to talk with owner/operator Kathy Lyons about her secrets to success.

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Big and Meaty Baked Pasta

Penne pasta tossed with big and meaty bites of sliced Italian sausage, pepperoni, and hearty meatballs layered with melted mozzarella cheese and topped with fresh parsley.

Brickyard Pizza

This enticing new form will help you build a loyal pizza following one brick at a time. The extra-long thin-crust pizza is loaded with spicy pepperoni, bias-sliced sausage, sausage crumbles, spicy tomato sauce, and lots of Italian cheese.

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The Pizza Insider

The Pizza Insider gives you the inside scoop on the latest trends, marketing tactics and technology so that you're always one step ahead of the competition!

Slice of Life

PMQ's social media director keeps you current on what's trending and hot in the world of social media and pizza.

Pizza Without Borders

From PMQ's international headquarters in Paris, Missy Green provides weekly reports on pizza events, trends and curiosities from Europe and around the world.




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Recipe of the Month: Mozz-Prov Chicken & Pesto

Real Wisconsin cheese from Foremost Farms makes this an unforgettable pizza for your menu.

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Flatbreads deliver artisanal flair, a customizable format and the perception of healthier eating

Using the same dough they make every day, pizzeria operators can use flatbreads to expand their appeal without adding anything to their inventory.

Top of the pops: How pizzerias are cashing in on the craft soda explosion

Trendy and upscale, craft sodas are a great fit for pizzerias looking to stand out from the pack.

Build bigger check averages by pairing your pizzas with the perfect brews

Create bigger check averages by pairing your pizzas with the perfect brews.

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Leading pizza makers share tips for creating perfect pies with wood- and coal-fired ovens

Check out these expert tips and learn how wood- and coal-fired pizza ovens provide a strong marketing advantage to pizzerias.

An expert offers suggestions for tapping into the power of Yelp.

Love them or hate them, crowdsourced reviews are here to stay, and pizzeria operators must learn to live with them—and capitalize on them.

Topping a pizza requires consistency and precision to maximize customer satisfaction.

Dan Risner of PizzaSkool offers tips for prepping, topping and creating the perfect pizza.

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Savo’s Pizza & Family Restaurant

This Pennsylvania-based “little pizzeria that could” overcame hardships through innovation and sheer will to succeed.

Take a tour of Pizza Brain, the world’s first pizza museum/neighborhood pizzeria.

This unique Philadelphia hybrid celebrates the pizza slice and its influence on American pop culture.

Catering offers revenue opportunities that could transform your pizza business

To truly excel at catering, pizzeria operators need to use existing ingredients to create new menu items for big events.


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