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Pizza 360 - PMQ Magazine Russia

Daniel Lee Perea talks with Vladimir Davydov about PMQ Russia, and the developing Russian pizza market.

2015 PMQ Media Kit

Reach more people, in more ways, with PMQ!

Midway and Ancora help bring Freret Street back to life

On Freret Street in New Orleans, rebuilding after Katrina meant revitalizing an area not popular since the 1960s. Midway Pizza and Ancora Pizzeria helped make the street have new life.

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Think Tank Forum

Things NOT to say to a pizza operator

Franchising/licensing someone to use your name & sell your product??

How many hours do you work per week?


The Pizza Insider

The Pizza Insider gives you the inside scoop on the latest trends, marketing tactics and technology so that you're always one step ahead of the competition!

Slice of Life

PMQ's social media director keeps you current on what's trending and hot in the world of social media and pizza.

Pizza Without Borders

From PMQ's international headquarters in Paris, Missy Green provides weekly reports on pizza events, trends and curiosities from Europe and around the world.

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SmartMarket: Deliver Media uses POS to create highly targeted marketing campaigns

Deliver Media “Captivate the Customer” program empowers pizzeria operators to develop direct mail campaigns with ROI as high as 900%.

SmartMarket: Market your online ordering system to skyrocket sales

MenuDrive’s automated marketing tools will help you generate results.

SmartMarket: Industry leaders share insights and expertise to help you sell more pizza.

Tyson Foods explores the flatbread phenomenon—and how its Bonici products can help pizzeria operators develop new, exciting and on-trend menu concepts.

Recipe Bank

Latin Steak and Sausage Mixed Grill

Satisfy hearty appetites and adventurous palates with this ethnic-inspired entre. Grilled and carved red chile Denver steak is topped with roasted chimichurri sliced Italian sausage, pickled onions, fresh cilantro, and cotija cheese.

Red's Famous Pizza

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Alternative hard beverages can draw younger customers to your pizza restaurant

Re-energize your pizzeria’s sales by offering hard ciders, lemonades and teas in addition to craft beers.

6 marketing tactics to help turn up the heat on your soup sales

Contrary to popular belief, customers crave soups all year round. Here’s how to sell more of them.

Appetizers: Get smarter with your starters and boost your sales

If you raised your appetizer sales by only 10% this year, imagine how that would affect your bottom line. Here are six ways to do it.

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Pizza Hall of Fame website launches for National Pizza Month

PMQ pays homage to America’s oldest and most beloved pizzerias with a new website aimed at industry operators and consumers alike.

Powering up your POS: How new apps and technologies can help boost your pizzeria’s bottom line

Recent innovations within POS systems—plus the ability to expand, upgrade and sync to other systems—have created a perfect storm of peak performance.

Using radio marketing to target key demographic groups

With the right message and the right timing, you can still use radio ads to sell more pizza.

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Slaying the neighborhood Goliath: 10 unique promotions

In the last of this four-part series, Tom Feltenstein offers 10 unique promos, from “Get Out of Work Free” cards to charging kids according to their height.

Lombardi’s Pizzeria

Credited as the first pizzeria in the country, this Little Italy institution has been churning out coal-fired pies for nearly 110 years.

The Pizza Kings of New Orleans: How pizzerias like Turtle Bay helped rebuild the Big Easy

Pizzeria operators have capitalized on industry trends—from farm-to-table to fast-casual—to create a pizza renaissance in New Orleans.


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