Diners can order a different signature pie every single day at Roscoe’s Pizza, and it would still take more than three months to try them all. The Corwin, Ohio shop offers a whopping 100 specialty options—some of which are rather “extreme.” Now owner Jeff Ross plans to get more pies into more mouths with a mobile operation.

As 614Now.com has reported, Roscoe’s Pizza aims to put a food truck on the road by March 2025.

Roscoe’s added its 100th specialty pie last October. Called the 10×10 Burger Pizza, it features a base of Spartan Sauce and cheese plus 10 toppings: ground beef, cheddar, pickles, bacon, ham, mushrooms, onions, banana peppers, tomatoes and tater tots.

“When Roscoe’s Pizza first opened, there was discussion on if anyone would buy these unique pizzas more than once,” Ross wrote on Facebook when the 10×10 Burger Pizza debuted. “They sure did. Over the next 2 years, we added many new pizzas and took others off. Sometime last year, we were at about 50-60 specialty pizzas. So here we are at 100 specialty pizzas. This one has been in the works [for] a while. We wanted something special.”

The 10×10 Burger Pizza is just one of many special pies served up by Roscoe’s. The Elvis Pizza, topped with bananas, peanut butter, honey and cheese, went viral in 2023. Another, the Grippos BBQ, features BBQ chicken, cheddar and burnt Grippos potato chips and left customers both puzzled—charred chips as a pizza topping?—and hungry for more.

Then there’s The Tuber, made with what Roscoe’s calls a “crack base” of cream cheese, sour cream and ranch, mashed potatoes, cheddar and ham, as well as a Lasagna Pizza and the Chicken Caesar, a pie that’s first baked with a garlic aioli base, mozz and chicken, then finished with more garlic aioli, lettuce and a Parmesan/Romano blend.

More recently, Roscoe’s unveiled the Mini Morel, an 8” pizza with a garlic aioli base, steak, cheese, bacon and morels, a type of wild mushroom.

Ross opened Roscoe’s in 2020, taking advantage of a space that formerly housed a Pizza Hut location. Now he’s ready to take the show on the road, offering 8” miniature versions of his famous pizzas, which are typically ordered in 10” or larger sizes.

According to 614now.com, the food truck’s menu won’t feature quite as many options as the brick-and-mortar store—a “mere” 30 or 40 pies. But the time seems ripe for expanding to a mobile unit for Roscoe’s. The company said it had its “seventh busiest day in terms of overall sales” on Saturday, April 13, per a Facebook post, even though it seemed like “just a random Saturday.”

“Normally when we anticipate a busy day, we are staffed up, but yesterday we were just staffed for a normal Saturday, so it was a little crazy,” the post read. “Hopefully, every Saturday will be this busy going forward.”

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