Pizza Power Report 2024

Pizza Power Report 2024: Are We Living in a Golden Age of Pizza?

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By Rick Hynum

Are we living in a golden age of pizza?

This Italian classic has become so popular, you can’t swing a pizza peel without smacking down some media type who has compiled yet another list of the best pies or best pizzerias in New York, Chicago, Naples, London, Paris or Beijing. Just recently, in fact, the Taste of Home website released its own list of the best pizzas in every U.S. state. (Congrats to Damgoode Pies in Little Rock, Arkansas, Satchel’s Pizza of Gainesville, Florida, and Bazbeaux Pizza in Indianapolis, to name just a few!)

As Helen Rosner, writing for the New Yorker in August, put it, “Everyone believes they’re a pizza expert—including actual pizza experts, who are nightmares….The infinite variety of pizza beliefs is so universal that it slips into something almost Jungian, a window into the self and the shadow.”

We don’t think that deeply about it, but we can say this for sure: Pizza is the one universally beloved food. In a January 2023 report, Statista noted that pizza is “probably Americans’ number one dinner choice.” (What do you mean, “probably”?) A November 2023 report from Statista tallied up 80,175 pizzerias operating in the U.S. in 2022, generating a new all-time high of $46.9 billion in sales, an increase of roughly $10 billion compared to 10 years earlier.

Sounds like a golden age to us. But the pizza industry keeps evolving at a dizzying pace, and it’s PMQ’s role to keep you, the real experts, apprised of the latest developments and trends. From the rise of AI as a marketing and operations tool and robots as labor-saving pizza makers to the major chains’ battle for supremacy, next-generation loyalty programs and the challenges of recruiting and retaining younger employees, PMQ’s annual Pizza Power Report provides a state-of-the-industry analysis that will help you gear up for a daunting yet promising 2024.

Additionally, new features for this year’s report include an overview of convenience-store pizza (don’t take these potential competitors lightly!), plus a curated ranking of the country’s best pizzerias as determined both by American consumers and those aforementioned pizza-obsessed media types. We even take a look at the busiest pizzeria websites in the U.S., including chains and independents.

We invite you to download the full report here or check out individual articles, charts and rankings from the Pizza Power Report at the links above. It is our sincere hope that this year’s report will give you the moneymaking insights, ideas and advice you’ll need to sell more pizza in 2024!