Find out how to stop advertising for other companies while increasing profits. 

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Knowing what options a restaurant or business has for branding and advertising can be a hurdle for many operators. Private Label Specialities has been helping pizzerias and restaurants of every size access the benefits of marketing, advertising, and branding through beverages for nearly 35 years. 

Ray Duhaime, founder and president of Private Label started by creating a unique root beer and from there 18 other beverages and spring water. Duhaime sells beverages directly to restaurants labeled with the restaurant’s logo and colors. This process is known as private labeling and allows restaurants to brand themselves. 

“Why would you advertise for anybody else?” Duhaime asks. “Why wouldn’t you advertise for yourself, if you knew you could? Our company gives pizzerias, and small businesses, the opportunity to advertise, market, and brand themselves.”

Restaurants can increase brand recognition through Private Label Specialities unique soda formulations—which customers associate with a restaurant’s brand. Furthermore, businesses can up-charge for a product marketed as their own, which can increase profits.

Peter Edwards, co-owner of Zeb’s General Store has been selling private-label Zeb’s beverages for 30 years. “The quality of Private Label’s products are excellent. I often see customers purchasing cases of our sodas. We price our Zeb’s beverages higher than the national brands, and our customers have always been willing to pay more.”

This simple yet powerful branding concept helps small businesses and restaurants keep their name in front of their customers, which drives repeat customers willing to pay more for private-label beverages. 

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By Ya’el McLoud

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