Pizza Quattro Staggione with Nutella

PIZZA QUATTRO STAGIONI WITH NUTELLA® Yields: 8 servings / Portion: 1 slice 1-12-inch pre-baked crust 3 oz. Fiore di Latte cream 3 oz. Nutella® 1/4 cup grapes, seedless 1/4 cup Asian pear 1/4 cup strawberry 1/4 cup blueberry Fiore di Latte Cream: ¼ cup (2oz.) milk 3 tsp. unflavored powdered … More

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Pizza Recipe Video: The Gamberian

It’s June, school’s out, and summer has begun. It’s time for slip-and-slides, pond fishing, and, of course, grilling in the backyard. How about grilled pizza? Having traveled around the country, author and chef Craig Priebe catalogued many of the unique styles of pizza our country has to offer in The … More

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How to Make Faina

Fainá, a crunchy, thin, bread made from chickpea flour is a hugely popular accompaniment to pizza in Uruguay and Argentina. Fainá is served in slices alongside pizza and is made to be set on top of the pizza as a crunchy top layer. That’s right – it’s a chickpea wafer … More

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Lasagna Pizza

Lasagna and pizza in one delicious dish! Ingredients: 16 oz. pizza dough ball, slacked 7 oz. pizza sauce, separated into 2 oz. and 5 oz. portions 3 Tbsp. Romano cheese, grated 3 oz. mozzarella/provolone mild blend, shredded or diced 2 oz. Italian sausage 5 oz. Ricotta Soprafinna Directions: On a … More

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Chef Bruno’s 10-Cheese Pizza

Seriously, folks, can you ever have too much cheese?   Ingredients: • 27 oz. pizza dough (for an 18 pie) • 14 oz. fresh mozzarella (to cover the pie with thin slices) • 14 oz. white cheddar cheese, shredded • Shredded mozzarella (to cover the dough) • 10 oz. Gorgonzola … More