Eliminate shrinkage and tearing and improve overall appearance.

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In the world of pizza making, the quality of the dough is paramount. A critical component of that dough is yeast, a microorganism that, although tiny, plays a gigantic role in the texture, flavor, and overall pizza quality. Operators are proud to make their dough from scratch, but ensuring quality and consistency can be challenging. The kind of yeast products operators use can make a major difference in their process and customer satisfaction. 

Yeast isn’t just a leavening agent; it’s central to the identity of pizza dough. “On an operator level, we see issues with crust volume, fermentation, and time in general,” says Gideon Butler-Smith, technical service manager at Lesaffre. “Maybe an operator’s pizza can have strong fermentation for 72 hours, but they are only getting 48 hours of strong fermentation so we have to look at the usage levels they’re working with and coordinate to get them back on track.” 

Many large operations have their process down to an exact science, but smaller pizza locations may have problems storing and handling yeast. Time and temperature control are two sensitive factors when fermenting dough. “Whether they are using active dry yeast, instant dry yeast, or fresh yeast—which has to be refrigerated upon opening—if it gets too warm the yeast starts to activate and the leavening power decreases over time,” Butler-Smith says.

Lesaffre, the largest yeast producer globally, constantly innovates and supports the pizza industry. “Lesaffre has over 50 baking centers around the world filled with scientists who formulate our products,” Butler-Smith says. “But we also have bakers who test different products, yeasts, and functional ingredients. From bread, pizzas, flatbreads, and rolls, we collaborate with the consumer and the operator–whether commercial or retail–and help focus on their product or their process to make their life easier and products better.” 

Lesaffre’s introduction of products that aid in volume enhancement signifies another layer of support for pizza operators. “We have many dough conditioners and other enzymes, which are clean-label products,” Butler-Smith says. “We offer products that aid in volume enhancement. Whether an operator wants deep dish, Detroit style, Neapolitan, or Saint Louis cracker crust, they will see volume enhancement in the crust with one of our Clean Label Volume Improver Series.” 

Many pizza operators struggle with shrinkage, tearing, and the overall appearance of their dough. Solutions vary, but Lesaffre works extensively with pizza operators and has innovated a deactivated yeast that addresses these issues without compromising taste or quality. “Relax+YF is a supplement—operators still need a commercial line of yeast–this deactivated yeast is a dough improver,” Butler-Smith says. “It helps reduce mix time, increase machinability, decrease shrinkage, and increase extensibility within your dome. We also have more concentrated versions of the deactivated yeast to best suit operators’ usage and the number of products they push out in a week or month.”

In the pursuit of excellence in pizza-making, Lesaffre stands as a pivotal partner for operators. Offering an array of advanced yeast solutions and a steadfast dedication to quality and innovation, Lesaffre elevates the art of pizza preparation. This partnership is not merely about supplying ingredients; it’s about fostering enduring legacies through superior dough craftsmanship.

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By Ya’el McLoud

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