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How Micro Influencers Can Help You Better Market Your Pizzeria

Micro influencers, defined as social media accounts with 1,000 to 100,000 followers, are perceived by consumers as more authentic and trustworthy than mega influencers. For marketing your pizzeria, micro influencers also offer a more budget-friendly option, especially for start-ups. Related: How Wild Slice Pizza tapped into the power of social media … More

this photo shows a pizza delivery driver who could pose a risk for a restaurant owner
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How to Mitigate Your Risk With In-House and Third-Party Pizza Delivery

Checking a driver’s motor vehicle record is a smart first step toward managing your pizzeria’s in-house food delivery risk. Before contracting with a third-party delivery company, make sure you ask the right questions about driver liability, employee screening, order errors and order tracking. By Dennis Saldana, Society Insurance Historically, pizzerias … More

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7 Ways to Unleash Your Pizza Box’s Marketing Potential

With the pizza box playing such an integral role in take-out and delivery, responsible for protection and heat retention of the pie within, pizzerias cannot overlook the additional capabilities of their box. The average consumer spends a minimum of 10 minutes engaging with their pizza box, so it is becoming … More