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12 Trends That Will Impact the Restaurant Industry in 2021

By Doug Reifschneider Historically, restaurants, especially pizzerias, have been slow to adopt innovative technology. The pandemic changed that. It’s no surprise that the adoption of technology is what kept many restaurants afloat during the pandemic, and the acceleration of that adoption saved others. Based on necessity and a will to … More


Managing Employee Theft in Restaurants

Employee theft is a common problem that plagues employers large and small and costs U.S. businesses tens of billions of dollars each year. Employee theft is not limited to taking money from the register; employees may also steal supplies and inventory, including food, paper products, alcoholic beverages, and office and kitchen equipment. They may … More

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Compensating Employees During the Pandemic and Beyond

What’s the one thing a pizzeria cannot do without? Cheese? Sauce? Ovens? That’s all true, but if you can’t hire, retain and reward trustworthy, hardworking employees, your operation will grind to a halt. In these uncertain times, when operators are fighting to stay open and staff their restaurants, there is … More

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Gregg Rapp: How to Develop a Best-Selling Menu

In this installment of PMQ Live Marketing Masters, PMQ Publisher Steve Green delves into menu engineering and looks at the future of menu development with one of the restaurant industry’s great marketing gurus, Gregg Rapp of Menu Engineers. During his 37 years of experience as a restaurant consultant, Rapp has … More