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Janet Duran: Shooting Straight With Pizzeria Employees

The owner of 550 Pizzeria in Laredo, Texas, believes in treating employees and customers alike with kindness and respect—and expects the same in return. After manifesting her childhood dream of owning a pizzeria, she is already thinking about expansion—and how she can make a real difference in the lives of … More


Using Technology to Deal With Those…Darn Phone Calls

  Join PizzaCloud and PMQ as we learn to traverse the rocky terrain of handling customers’ needs in a quick, concise and consistent manner using today’s newest technology: *Multiple methods to deal with phone calls while understaffed *Call Centers/centralized call handling: If your POS system supports it, this is … More

Web Exclusives

Puppy Love: Turn Your Pizzeria into a Haven for Dog Owners

Americans went on a pet adoption spree at the height of the pandemic, and that could create a moneymaking opportunity for your pizzeria. If you’ve already got an outdoor dining space, turn it into a pet-friendly environment with pups-on-the-patio promotions and fundraisers for local shelters. Related: Cane Rosso Rescue gives … More

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When Your Dough Comes Out Wet and Sticky

If you don’t cross-stack your pizza dough boxes in the cooler, you’re likely to end up with a common problem: wet and sticky dough. By cross-stacking the dough boxes when you first put them into the cooler, you will allow the moisture from condensation to escape from the boxes. Related: The secrets to creating … More