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Meet the pizza-making Elvis of the Italian Alps.

Elvis Presley loved pizza. Many pizza makers love Elvis. But a pizzaiolo in Recoaro Terme, Italy, probably loves Elvis more than most. Christened Vittorino Tessaro, he is better known to his friends as Elvito, the pizza making Elvis of the Italian Alps. He wears his hair like Elvis. He sports … More

Pizzerias & Pizzaioli

Venice Pizza House

After Sicily native Salvatore “Sam” LoMedico emigrated to Detroit in 1939, he worked in the restaurant/bar biz with his brother—and knew immediately that he wanted to open his own place. Finally, after starting a family, serving in the military and migrating to sunny San Diego, he realized his dream in … More

Business & Marketing

Connie's Pizza

On June 1, 1963, Jim Stolfe purchased a little food stand from Connie DeGrazia on Chicago’s South Side. He left the Connie’s name on the storefront and started serving up pizza from a dough recipe he developed, incorporating techniques learned from his grandmother and a local neighborhood baker. In less … More

Pizzerias & Pizzaioli

Nicolosi's Italian Restaurant

In 1952, after operating a bakery in Massachusetts in the ’40s, Sicilian emigrant Salvatore Nicolosi brought his family to Southern California and opened Nicolosi’s Italian Restaurant (nicolosis.com) in San Diego, serving Old-World recipes handed down in his family. In 1958, only four years after moving his operation to a converted … More