Stuart Meyer, founder and storyteller of Social Frequency Media and a PMQ researcher, joins PMQ Publisher Steve Green in this installment of PMQ Live Marketing Masters. Meyer presents conclusions from his latest study on the culture of pizza, a qualitative and quantitative two-part survey of the pizza industry.

“We know there are all different types of personalities [in the pizza industry], and I know how serious some folks take the culinary side of their food business, their restaurant business, their pizzeria business,” Meyer says. “And I’m not saying that’s not important … but don’t make that more important than it is to get out in front of your customers, to get out in front of your community, to do things within your community that are going to put the community in a position to help to support you. At the end of the day, when it comes to revenue and longevity, we know from this study – and we know anecdotally from the Pizza Hall of Fame – that those are long-term survival  factors.”

Watch the full insights report below!

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