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Stranded Italians Open up Shop in Antigua

Basilico Antigua exploded off the screen of Trip Advisor when I searched for an Italian restaurant on the sunny island of Antigua. Antigua is one of the two major islands that make up the Caribbean nation of Antigua & Barbuda. Luckily the restaurant was within walking distance of the hotel … More

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Not a Pizza Handout, but a Path to Change

Pixza in Mexico City is unlike any other pizzeria. And it’s not just because their dough is blue. Their business model is built on social and economic empowerment through pizza. How they serve Mexico City It starts with their dough, which is made with Mexican blue corn. 100% of the … More

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How to Hire and Retain Better Pizzeria Employees

Every year, valuable employees leave companies for reasons no one really understands—not even the departing employees. In fact, when asked why they quit, many employees simply state: “I didn’t like the job.” This leaves many owners, managers, and HR professionals scratching their heads, as it’s almost impossible to pinpoint exactly what … More

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Remembering the Notre Dame

Let's not rush to say 'adieu' to the Notre Dame. Paris' iconic cathedral is still standing after 856 years, despite the damage by fire which struck earlier this week. Donations have been pouring in from around the world to help one of Paris' most beloved churches back into shape. One pizzeria in the South of … More