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Five Ideas for Unique Chicken Wing Flavor Combos

Carol Hilker has eaten so many wings, she has a fear of facing a flock of mangled chickens in the afterlife. “I’ve written and tested a million recipes,” Hilker, a food writer and cookbook author, told PMQ’s Bill DeJournett in a recent interview. “I definitely fear that, if I go to … More

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Pizza Delivery Goes Fully Robotic at George Mason University

  A fleet of robots are delivering the three main food groups—pizza, doughnuts and coffee—to students at George Mason University (GMU) in Fairfax, Virginia, possibly signaling a new era in foodservice automation. Hospitality company Sodexo, which manages dining services at GMU and hundreds of other colleges and universities, has … More

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5 Tips for Crafting Better Menu Copy

You can’t overestimate the importance of your menu. It’s much more than simply a document for helping people choose what they want to order. Your menu is a make-or-break marketing tool that determines whether a customer spends money with you or not. Think about how well-written your current menu is … More

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How to Fire a Pizzeria Employee Without Making an Enemy

The only thing worse than firing a pizzeria employee is being the employee who gets fired. It’s a deeply unpleasant experience for everyone involved. Aside from the discomfort of breaking the bad news to an employee who didn’t see it coming, restaurant owners face the risk of retribution—thanks to … More

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7 Ways to Prevent Employee Theft in Your Pizzeria

Employee theft is a common problem that plagues pizza chains and independent pizzerias alike. It's not limited to taking money from the register; employees might also steal supplies and inventory, including food, paper products, alcoholic beverages, and office and kitchen equipment. They may even cut into the bottom line by granting discounts, refunds or free … More


The Chef’s Corner: Shawn Randazzo, Detroit Style Pizza Co.

(To get more information about consulting for Detroit style from Detroit Style Pizza Co. and business distribution, please visit www.detroitstylepizza.com. For information about the restaurant visit www.detroitstyelpizza.co. For consumer pizza distribution visit www.Goldbelly.com/detroit-pizza-company and check out DSPCTV on YouTube.)   Brian: Hello and welcome to the Chef’s Corner, I’m your … More

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Touring Pizzerias in the Aloha State

A letter from a long-time PMQ reader inspired my most recent trip to Hawaii. It's been 20 years since I last visited the North Shore of Oahu, and that trip only took place because a girl at my last job had an extra ticket (right place, right time). This time, … More

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Should You Raise Your Pizzeria's Prices in 2019?

Should you raise your pizzeria’s prices in 2019? With minimum wage hikes looming in many states and the higher demand for an artisanal pizza experience, that’s the question on a lot of operators’ minds. And there’s no easy answer to it. But one thing’s for certain: If your expenses are … More