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Recipe: Chicken Santa Fe Pizza

Take a trip out west with this Santa Fe-themed pizza recipe from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board, and you may never want to come back. It's loaded with New Mexican-style flavors, from the cheddar, mozzarella and Pepper Jack cheese blend to the spicy salsa-and-marinara mix-with-a-kick! Ingredients: 3 cloves garlic, minced and … More

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Recipe: Bacon, Kale and Potato Pizza

As if bacon on a pizza isn't appealing enough, this recipe from the Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board features the savory flavors of Asiago cheese and Yukon gold potatoes along with fresh mozz, curly kale and roasted garlic. Mangia! Ingredients: 1 12” prepared pizza dough/shell ¼ c. olive oil, for brushing … More

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The Top 10 Old Forge-Style Pizzerias in Northeast Pennsylvania

Jim Mirabelli writes about and reviews northeastern Pennsylvania pizza restaurants at his website, NEPAPizzaReview.com, and is a leading expert on Old Forge-style pizza. Old Forge pizza is a unique pizza style derived from a small coal-mining town of nearly 9,000 residents in northeastern Pennsylvania (NEPA). Old Forge, the self-described “Pizza Capital of the World,” serves … More

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Keeping the Piece

Piece Brewery and Pizzeria is a 240-seat brewpub, which opened in Chicago’s Wicker Park/Bucktown neighborhood in 2001. The restaurant has been named the highest-grossing independent pizzeria in the US. Piece is also the first pizzeria to bring New Haven-style pizza to Chicago, and to the best of my knowledge, it … More

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How to Take Your Calzone Recipe to the Next Level

Most pizzerias serve some type of calzone, typically using their regular pizza dough folded over the filling. Some chefs brush it with egg wash to enhance the crust color, but it’s more commonly brushed with oil or melted butter and finished with a shake of Italian seasoning and a little … More

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What to Do When You Get a Letter From the IRS

If there was a contest for the most dreaded piece of mail, letters from the IRS would win, hands down, every time. These unassuming envelopes have most people yelling profanities before they even begin to tear the paper to reveal what’s inside. The good news is, there are many reasons that the IRS and … More

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Who is Responsible for Third-Party Delivery Drivers?

An increasing number of pizzeria operators are using third-party delivery drivers. PMQ wanted to know more about how the legal system views third-party contractors and who is liable if an accident happens during a pizza delivery. We reached out to Jonathan Mazer, a partner at Schlam, Stone & Dolan in … More