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Not a Pizza Handout, but a Path to Change

Pixza in Mexico City is unlike any other pizzeria. And it’s not just because their dough is blue. Their business model is built on social and economic empowerment through pizza. How they serve Mexico City It starts with their dough, which is made with Mexican blue corn. 100% of the … More

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How to Hire and Retain Better Pizzeria Employees

Every year, valuable employees leave companies for reasons no one really understands—not even the departing employees. In fact, when asked why they quit, many employees simply state: “I didn’t like the job.” This leaves many owners, managers, and HR professionals scratching their heads, as it’s almost impossible to pinpoint exactly what … More

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Remembering the Notre Dame

Let's not rush to say 'adieu' to the Notre Dame. Paris' iconic cathedral is still standing after 856 years, despite the damage by fire which struck earlier this week. Donations have been pouring in from around the world to help one of Paris' most beloved churches back into shape. One pizzeria in the South of … More

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Cats on a Hot Shop Roof

It’s easy to get lost looking for pizzeria I Dodici Gatti (The Twelve Cats) in Milan, Italy. It is located just at the end of the magnificent Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II, built in the late 1800s. But unless you know where you’re going, you wouldn’t think to tread down an … More

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Does Beer Taste Better in a Wine Glass?

With around 8,500 types of craft beer in Italy alone, the possibilities for pairing are endless. Beer expert and columnist for Pizza e Pasta Italiana magazine Alfonso del Forno gives five great tips for serving beer and pairing it with your pizza.    1. Don’t tilt your glass as you pour Tilting … More

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France’s Best Pizza Is Made With Emulsified Fish

The grand finale of the Pizza Tour de France took place April 1-2 at the Parizza food show in Paris. The competition marked an end to rounds of smaller competitions throughout provinces of France that pitted more than 400 competitors against each other. Classica  At 29 years old, Bruno Saimpaul became the 2019 … More

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Engaging Millennials to Grow Your Pizzeria Business

There has been a lot of interest in understanding and relating to millennials across societal, economic, and relational dimensions. This is because of the significant impact that technology has had in their lives as they were growing up, which fundamentally changed the way they understand and think about their world. Millennials are … More