The Pizza Kitchen – Greek Pizza

Like with any great pizza style, Greek pizza is all about the dough. As PMQ Test Chef Brian Hernandez explains, Greek pizza crusts, which are baked in a well-oiled, shallow pan, are crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and feature a thicker sauce with a lot of … More


The Pizza Kitchen – The Quack Attack

PMQ’s test chef Brian Hernandez is cooking up something “fowl” in the Pizza Kitchen—game fowl, to be exact. The award-winning Quack Attack pizza recipe, shared with us by Eric Von Hansen of Caliente’s Pizza & Draft House in Pittsburgh, features succulent boneless duck breast from Maple Leaf Farms and layers … More

Food & Ingredients

Recipe: The Caputo Americana Grandma Pie

Ingredients (for 12 pizzas): 25kg “00” Americana flour 15.5 L water 500ml EVOO (extra-virgin olive oil) 125g fresh yeast 625g salt 15x15x1 Grandma Pizza pan 22 oz. dough ball 12-13 oz. mozzarella cheese, shredded 12 oz Ciao crushed tomato   Dough Recipe: Add your water to mixer and dissolve fresh yeast … More


The Pizza Kitchen – The DeGrezia

  Need a new recipe for a great New York-style pizza with a blend of sweet and savory flavors? PMQ's Brian Hernandez turned to his good friend, Tom DeGrezia of Sophia Pizza Shoppe in the Big Apple, for this one-of-a-kind New York-style recipe loaded with taste and texture. Watch the video, try … More


The Pizza Kitchen – The Peach Pie

  Featured recently in PMQ’s Chef’s Corner, Laura Meyer of Tony's Pizza Napoletana first gained acclaim as one of Tony Gemignani’s key managers, but the San Francisco pizzaiola has since become one of the industry’s shining stars in her own right. She was the first woman and the first … More