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Recipe: Pepperoni Parmesan Stuffed Rolls

Outback Steakhouse has the Bloomin’ Onion. Sonic has tater tots. What’s your signature appetizer? Sure, fried calamari and bruschetta are well-known standards, but do they really set your pizzeria apart from your competitors (many of whom also offer fried calamari and bruschetta)? Maybe it’s time to expand your horizons and look for some unique alternatives that will leap off your menu, grab your guests by the taste buds and never let go. Try this Tyson Foods’ recipe for Pepperoni Parmesan Stuffed Rolls and get your customers hungry for more.


12” by 16” sheeted dough
14 oz. pork and beef spicy pepperoni, sliced (48 slices)
½ tbsp. light olive oil
2 oz. Parmesan cheese, shredded
5 oz. pizza cheese (blend of 80% skim mozzarella and 20% Parmesan cheese), shredded
8 oz. marinara sauce
½ oz. Parmesan cheese, grated


Brush dough with ½ tbsp. olive oil. Sprinkle 2 oz. shredded Parmesan cheese evenly over the top side of the dough. Arrange pepperoni slices evenly over the cheese. Beginning at the 12” side, tightly roll up the dough in a cinnamon roll-style, ending seamside-down.

Using a sharp knife, slice 1 stuffed roll into 20 ½”-wide pieces. Arrange pieces in a tight 10”-wide circular pattern on an oiled mesh screen over a parchment-lined sheet pan. Top evenly with 2 oz. of shredded pizza cheese, 8 oz. of marinara sauce and 3 oz. of additional pizza cheese. Bake the rolls in a 375°F preheated convection oven for 8 to 10 minutes, or until golden and bubbly. After baking, sprinkle ½ oz. grated Parmesan cheese evenly over the top.

This recipe from Tyson Foods originally appeared in the January-February 2014 issue of PMQ.