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How Do the Chains Sell Pizza so Cheap?

Chains have a distinct advantage when it comes to price. Their sheer numbers allow them to buy in bulk, which lowers the cost of ingredients. However, the scale of their business also means they need to take more steps to keep food fresher longer and travelable over long distances. Additives … More

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PETA Ranks Best and Worst Pizza Chains Based on Vegan Options

Restaurant chains across the United States are displaying more vegetarian and vegan options on menus, but how many are truly embracing the cause? PETA recently graded pizza chains from best to worst by the availability of vegetarian or vegan dishes on the menu. Twelve pizza chains and pizzerias made the cut as … More

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Winnipeg Pizzeria is Latest to Let Customers Donate Slices to the Hungry

A pizzeria in Winnipeg is following the lead of Philadelphia-based Rosa’s Fresh Pizza in a pay-it-forward program that helps feed the hungry. According to CBC News, Vikas Sanger opened SFC Pizzeria in May and quickly learned that some in the neighborhood loved pizza but couldn’t afford it. “They want free food because they are hungry,” says Vikas, … More

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Groupon Calculates Pi to Find Cost Savings in Large Pizzas

Bigger is sometimes better.  Groupon, an online app that connects subscribers to discounts from merchants, warns against buying small pizzas. Groupon spent a month compiling data on 230 individual pies at Domino’s, Pizza Hut, Casey’s, Papa Murphy’s, and Little Casesars.  They calculated the surface area and calories per pizza, and … More


Survey Finds Italians Feel Happier Eating Pizza

On the occasion of International Happiness Day, Deliveroo wanted to know which foods and what kind of moments were making their customers the happiest. The survey was done by phone and allowed participants to pick their top 3 foods for lifting their mood. It’s no surprise that pizza came out as … More

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MOD Pizza Continues Its Phenomenal Growth

MOD Pizza continues to outpace other top restaurant chains in growth, reports Nation’s Restaurant News. MOD’s sales grew by 44.7 percent in the year ended December 2018 to a total of $390.7 million, after growing by 80 percent in the previous year. The Bellevue, Washington-based pizza chain opened a net … More

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Pizza Factory in Reno Sees Increased Sales With Self-Serve Beer Wall

Self-serve beverage systems have been around for years in the soft-drink arena. These popular kiosks allow customers to individualize their drink orders without labor from restaurant staffs. Self-serving alcohol systems are now able to perform the same function as their soft-drink cousins. Pizzerias are a prime market for these systems … More