There’s a young man taking the world of dart throwing by storm—and winning over the hearts and minds of people everywhere as a pop-culture icon. His legend has grown so strong, in fact, that a grocery store in his hometown created a pizza in his honor.

Luke Littler, 16 years old, is the youngest competitor to ever reach the World Darts Championship final. That would be a story in its own right, but Littler’s popularity has transcended the world of darts thanks to his affable “everyman” personality. Littler has proudly discussed his daily routine, which sounds a lot like that of a typical college student.

“I don’t wake up until 12,” Littler told members of the media. “In the morning go for ham and cheese [omelet], come here and have my pizza, and then go on to the practice board.

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In preparation for his championship showdown with the top darts player in the world and eventual World Darts Champion, Luke Humphries—a match that Littler did end up losing, unfortunately—Littler told the press that he wasn’t going to change a thing about his routine. “It’s what I have been doing every day—if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it,” he said.

Littler’s penchant for eating pizza and other hearty foods has only added to his growing legend. A grocery store, ASDA, in his hometown of Warrington, England, is honoring Littler’s success with frozen pizzas. The pies use peppers to evoke a dartboard design and pepperoni slices to spell out Littler’s initials.

A frozen pizza with peppers in a circle to make it look like a dartboard, and pepperoni slices used to spell out Luke Littler's initials.

ASDA Warrington Facebook.

While pizza has gotten a rap from some as an unhealthy food, there’s mounting evidence that pizza may actually be good for you. Add Luke Littler’s eating habits to the list—if an elite athlete like Littler enjoys pizza as a pregame meal, it can’t be bad for you, can it?

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