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Pizza with a Personality: Tsundere Pie Is a Scorcher

Have you ever loved and feared something, even at the same time? Something you know you adore, even when it could bring you stomach-wrenching pain? More specifically, the new Tsundere Pizza by Domino’s Japan.  Every anime-loving fanatic will recognize that name. Tsundere is a Japanese term for a love interest … More

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Domino’s in France to Reward €100K in Bitcoin Through Contest

Nearly a decade ago, a hungry man traded 10,000 Bitcoins for two large Papa John’s pizzas.  In today’s value, those pizzas would be worth $100 million. Now Domino’s in France is celebrating its 30th anniversary by offering pizza lovers a mind-boggling prize: €100,000 ($110,466) in cash or Bitcoin (BTC). Pour … More

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Fresh Brothers’ ‘Impossible Day’ Celebrates Meat Substitute

y Callie Daniels Bryant The California-based pizza chain has declared September 10 a holiday: “Fresh Brothers Impossible Day.” What’s impossible about September 10? The inspiration for the holiday began a year ago when Scott Goldberg, co-founder and executive chef of Fresh Brothers, dusted a plant-based meat substitute with seasoning, making … More

this photo shows the eye appeal of Norm's pizzas
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Upside Pizza Founders Go Back to Basics with Norm’s Pizza

The team behind Midtown Manhattan’s young cult-favorite Upside Pizza—chef and founder Noam Grossman, international pizza consultant Anthony Falco and partners Eli & Oren Halali— have opened Norm’s Pizza, a back-to-basics slice shop bringing simple yet thoughtfully-crafted pies to Downtown Brooklyn. Related: Anthony Falco Says This West Coast City Has America’s … More