Zachary's Chicago Pizza is an employee-owned deep-dish pizza joint in San Francisco that's hugely popular among locals.

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San Francisco Locals Name Their Top 20 Favorite Pizzerias

The people have spoken in a member survey by Nextdoor, and their hands-down favorite is a Chicago-style pizzeria that's employee-owned.

According to a survey by Nextdoor, a platform that connects residents to their neighborhoods, an employee-owned Chicago-style pizza joint is the favorite among its members in San Francisco, with Tony Gemignani’s famous Neapolitan pizzeria placing in the No. 2 spot.

Make no mistake: San Franciscans take pizza seriously. In a recent survey by Home Run Inn (HRI), San Francisco ranked No. 2 among the country’s most “pizza-obsessed” cities, trailing only behind Seattle. That survey also found that San Franciscans are quick to jump online and review the pizzerias they’ve visited. “With a whopping 17,002 Yelp reviews per 100,000 residents— almost twice as many as the next top-5 pizza-loving city—San Franciscans are tasting (and then judging) pizza very frequently,” according to HRI.

The HRI survey didn’t name names, mind you. But Nextdoor does exactly that with its annual Neighborhood Faves program. Every year, NextDoor members vote on their favorite local businesses, including pizzerias, and the top 4% receive the Nextdoor Neighborhood Fave designation.

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In California’s Bay area, it came down to 20 “faved” pizza shops, including Zachary’s Chicago Pizza, a 40-year-old eatery that’s employee-owned and renowned for its deep-dish pies; Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, which also features regularly in 50 Top Pizza’s ranking of America’s best pizzerias; the California-style Pizza Antica; and Golden Boy Pizza, home of the “San Francilian-style” (described as a “fresh-baked, delicious focaccia with pizza toppings”).

Here’s a look at the full list:

Zachary’s Chicago Pizza (College Avenue location), Oakland (1,357 faves)
Tony’s Pizza Napoletana, San Francisco (447 faves)
Goat Hill Pizza (Connecticut Street location), San Francisco (397 faves)
Goat Hill Pizza (West Portal Avenue), San Francisco (372 faves)
Gaspare’s Pizza House & Italian Restaurant, San Francisco (341 faves)
The Pizza Place on Noriega, San Francisco (286 faves)
Pizza Antica (various locations) (275 faves)
Little Star Pizza, San Francisco (273 faves)
Arizmendi Bakery and Pizza, Emeryville (270 faves)
Sandrino Pizza & Vino, Sausalito (176 faves)
Patxi’s Pizza Hayes Valley, San Francisco (173 faves)
Golden Boy Pizza, San Francisco (170 faves)
Za Pizza, San Francisco (165 faves)
Blue Line Pizza, Daly City (146 faves)
Zachary’s Chicago Pizza (Grand Avenue), Oakland (136 faves)
La Val’s Pizza, Alameda (131 faves)
Centro Pizza, Burlingame (128 faves)
Zorba’s Pizza, San Francisco (122 faves)
1400 Bar & Grill & Pizza, Alameda (119 faves)
Seniore’s Pizza, San Bruno (116 faves)