this photo shows a mother and her child ordering pizza from the robotic system from Piestro
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This Small Chain Bets on Robots to ‘Future-Proof’ Its Brand

A partnership between Piestro and 800 Degrees Pizza will kick off with a projected 3,600 units over five years. Chef Anthony Carron said he “saw both the immediate and long-term impact automation could have on our business.” Related: Study finds robots will replace humans in restaurants sooner rather than later … More

this photo shows a pizza-making robot from Picnic
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Picnic Reveals Costs for Its Pizza-Making Robotics System

Pizza-making robotics leader Picnic is offering its Picnic Pizza System for a subscription price of $3,500 to $5,000 a month. Picnic said it will fulfill existing orders through 2021 and start shipping new orders next year. Related: Pizza-making robots do it all in this Paris pizzeria Pizzeria owners and operators … More

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A Newcomer’s Guide to Pizza Dough Equipment

For smaller pizzerias looking to expand or newcomers to the pizza business, consider creating a checklist of the equipment you need and why you need it. Everything starts with choosing the right dough mixer, and several different types are available, depending on your needs. Every farmer needs a tractor. Every … More

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Pizza-Making Robots Do It All in This Paris Pizzeria

Pazzi, a newly opened pizzeria in Paris, puts on a show for customers with a team of pizza-making robots in the kitchen. A bot can be hard to beat for efficiency, but chef Thierry Graffagnino says it “can never replace the art of a real pizzaiolo.” Related: What ever happened to … More

this photo shows one of Zume's pizza-making robots
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Whatever Happened to Zume’s Pizza-Making Robots?

Zume generated a lot of hype for its pizza-making robots in 2017, only to shut its pizza delivery operation down in early 2020. Now the company uses those robots to press and mold agricultural waste into sustainable containers for leading brands. Related: Why robots could save the pizza restaurant industry The story … More

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Product Spotlight – June/July 2021

Grandé Fior•di•Latte Grandé Fior•di•Latte is a fresh mozzarella unlike any other. Grandé’s passion is to showcase the flavor and beauty of its fresh milk, accented nicely with light, cultured dairy flavors developed through traditional cheese making. Grandé Fior•di•Latte is clean, light, fresh and milky, with a little culture to balance … More

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Artist Creates Fun-to-Watch Pizza-Making Machine

Joseph Herscher, a kinetic artist, developed this Rube Goldberg-style pizza-topping machine along with other weirdly hilarious contraptions. The machine’s crowning touch is a Ferris wheel that dispenses black olives. Related: Robotic pizza server debuts at Rhode Island pizzeria The Pizza-Making Contraption isn’t quite ready for prime time in your restaurant’s … More

this photo shows a crowd of customers surrounding Servie the pizza robot at Angelo's Palace Pizza in Cumberland, Rhode Island
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Robotic Pizza Server Debuts at Rhode Island Pizzeria

Servi, a pizza robot, runs food to Angelo’s Palace Pizza customers, greets them and can even wish them a happy birthday. Developed by Bear Robotics, the robot frees Angelo’s human servers to better take care of their customers. Related: Flashy new pizza robot makes pies before your eyes with theatrical … More