Pizza Robots Put to the Test at Dodo Pizza

By Rick Hynum Alena Tikhova, CEO of Dodo Pizza USA, was never especially keen on the idea of pizza making robots when she saw them in action at pizza industry events around the world. Now, she has three of them in her shop in Oxford, Mississippi, and she’s testing them … More

this is a photo showing the BARS Automated Pizza Kitchen created by Speed Bancroft of Bancroft Automated Restaurant Services
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Will Pizza Bots in Parking Lots be the Next Big Thing?

Bancroft Automated Restaurant Services (BARS), founded by Louisiana entrepreneur Speed Bancroft, hopes to install its first BARS Automated Pizza Kitchen near LSU in Baton Rouge in six months. The pizza-making robot and vending machine is designed for parks, sporting events and large parking lots. Related: Domino’s rolls out self-driving robotic … More


Improving Your Pizza Dough With a Water Filtration System

For some operators, the quest for the perfect water results from wanting to perfectly copy a specific region’s H20, often with the aim of creating a “true” New York-style product. “I know some people say it’s not true that water makes a difference, but when you’re making a bread product, … More

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New Pizzeria Products and Equipment for December 2020

FibraMent Baking Stones FibraMent offers top-quality baking stones for commercial use across North America and Europe. Precision-engineered from a patented blend of kiln-fired high-temperature and conductive raw materials, FibraMent is NSF-tested and -certified. The company stocks a wide selection of sizes to fit most commercial oven makes and models. FibraMent … More


Pizzeria Owners Should Keep up With These Technology Trends in 2021

These are unprecedented times filled with ever-changing government regulations, safety measures and consumer demands. It should come as no surprise that, in order to stay competitive and profitable as a restaurant owner, the latest technologies must be at the forefront of your decision-making in 2021. As an independent pizzeria operator, … More