Roller Xpress

Roller Xpress is the world’s first machine that fully automates the silverware-rolling process in a napkin, taking only 10 seconds per roll. It’s flexible and efficient—just load and go. Roller Xpress saves money on labor costs, since no operator is required. Its compact design also saves tabletop space. Since the machine limits human contact with utensils, it’s also more sanitary than the traditional method!





Taste the Fun with Dippin’ Dots!

Your customers’ favorite ice cream treat is now available for your pizza restaurant! Dippin’ Dots offers irresistibly fun flavors like Cookies ’n Cream and Rainbow, all stocked and delivered by a Dippin’ Dots distributor. Distributors will provide and maintain the freezer while you serve the smiles. It’s time to add Dippin’ Dots to your menu!





Restaurants lose 15% in dessert sales by not offering a dairy-free option. Over 20,000 restaurants have adopted dairy-free mozzarella and gluten-free crusts for customers with allergies and celiac disease. The same consideration should be made for dessert. Sirabella’s is a leading nationwide supplier for gourmet dairy-free and vegan cheesecake, supplying 100 restaurants and foodservice companies. Free samples are available!






Ninety-five percent of texts are read within three minutes, research shows. With Sentext’s simple mobile marketing system, you can engage new and existing customers instantly, increase visits and online orders, and inspire loyalty. Grow a massive Mobile VIP Club to get the word out instantly. Compared to email and social media, texts are eight times more effective in getting seen.





The Briller Pizza Sleeve 

The Briller Pizza Sleeve is a new patent-pending, disposable technology that lets customers enjoy a hot, fresh-tasting slice of your pizza long after they’ve opened the box. In just 60 seconds, using a microwave oven, a slice can be restored to its fresh-from-the-oven glory, in temperature, taste and texture. Custom-printed sleeves are available—include one with every order! 216-904-1838,


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