Expert: Hot Tips for Taking Care of Your Pizza Oven

Daniel Estrada, CEO and co-founder of 86 Repairs, says his pizzeria clients are three times more likely to use a conveyor oven than a deck oven. The average repair cost for a conveyor oven is $775, while the average repair cost for a deck oven is $552, Estrada says. Related: … More

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DoorDash Is Developing Its Own Food Delivery Robots

DoorDash received federal approval on two patents for small, compact self-driving delivery vehicles last fall. The third-party delivery giant also introduced DoorDash Labs, which is focused on “building automation and robotics solutions to shape the future of last-mile logistics.” Pizza Power Report 2022: Get ready for the robots! Third-party delivery … More


Pizza Power Report 2022: Get Ready for the Robots

By Rick Hynum As we reflect on the past year in the pizza industry, the old Chinese curse, “May you live in interesting times,” comes to mind. For the record, there’s no evidence that the expression originated in China, but, wherever it came from, it packs a punch. For pizza … More

this photo shows an engineer working on a pizza robot for Stellar Pizza
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SpaceX Engineers Blast Off into the Pizza Robot Business

Benson Tsai, a former engineer at Elon Musk’s SpaceX, now leads a team that has developed a mobile pizzeria powered entirely by robots. Stellar Pizza is set to launch its first food truck in Los Angeles next spring with a machine that can reportedly make a pizza every 45 seconds. … More

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OttOmate Virtual Event to Focus on Pizza Robots

As foodservice robots begin to look like a viable option in the coming year, OttOmate hosts an online event with some of the industry’s leaders this Friday. Speakers include representatives from innovators like xRobotics, Picnic, Pazzi Robotics, Refraction AI and Papa John’s. Related: Picnic reveals costs for Its pizza-making robotics … More

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Gas vs. Electric Oven? Here Are the Pros and Cons of Both

It’s a discussion that has scored space in PMQ’s Think Tank for more than a decade: Gas or electric? Tom Lehmann, consultant for Dough Doctor Consulting in Manhattan, Kansas, notes that gas ovens, being much more popular in the United States, often receive the brunt of manufacturers’—and operators’—focus. But … More

this photo shows a customer trying out one of Basil Street's automated pizza kitchens.
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Basil Street to Roll Out Automated Pizza Kitchens Nationwide

Specializing in automated pizza kitchens, Basil Street has partnered with Celestica, a leader in design, manufacturing and supply chain solutions, for a Fall 2021 roll-out. Basil Street piloted its prototype kiosks in multiple states last year, the company said. Related: Basil Street’s pizza vending machine greets customers at the door … More