Patra’s Eco-Dinnerware

No trees are cut to make Patra’s Eco-Dinnerware. The products are made from fallen leaves, and Patra uses 100% renewable resources. The dinnerware will naturally biodegrade within three to six weeks and can be composted in your backyard. Patra’s products come from the earth and go back to the earth, giving pizzeria owners an edge when promoting their sustainability efforts to consumers who care about the environment.

The Uhlmann Company

For more than three generations, the Uhlmann Company has been producing Heckers and Ceresota unbleached flours for the finest pizza restaurants in Chicago and New York City. Now they’ve introduced Ceresota Napoli “00” flour. Milled in Italy from the finest European and Italian soft wheat, it’s authentically Italian and designed to meet the needs of the most seasoned pizzaiolos.

National Marketing, Inc.

National Marketing, Inc.’s Security Driver Drop Boxes can be used for delivery drivers’ cash and receipts or as security boxes for their personal belongings. Five doors can be locked individually or all secured at one time with a locking bar. Constructed of 22-gauge steel, these boxes can sit on a table or hang from a wall, and multiple units can be combined. Locks are sold separately. 800-994-4664,


Lahmar Olive Oil

Lahmar extra-virgin olive oil is cultivated from Lahmar’s own fields in Tunisia, North Africa. Lahmar Olive Oil provides traceability and consistency for its high-quality olive oils. With the American dollar trading at 1.33% CAD, the company notes, American pizzeria owners have 33% more buying power, reducing your costs and maximizing your profit margins. 


MenuWorks provides restaurant operators with menus that are innovative, creative in design and unique in construction. Their experts will guide your team through the creative process to ensure that your menu is a reflection of your brand while utilizing menu optimization to increase your sales. Let the MenuWorks team build your restaurant a better menu!


Kleenpak’s dispensing system for eating utensils is simple, reliable and ecologically friendly. The system provides a single clean, hygienic knife, fork or spoon to each customer when the white lever is pressed. The utensil doesn’t drop to a tray or fall to the counter; rather, it remains in place with the handle extended until the diner takes it in hand. Kleenpak offers both polystyrene and bio-compostable cutlery.

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