EyeSucceed combines Google smartglass technology with innovative software to transform how work is done in the food industry. EyeSucceed lets new employees be trained hands-free at the workstation, allows for worldwide communication using remote assistance, and uses augmented reality to identify deviations and issue corrective actions in real time. 734-827-5672, eyesucceed.com



Stingray brings your customer experience to life with custom, brand-focused music and immersive digital experiences. Its team of sensory marketing experts create solutions that appeal to all senses and forge a connection with your brand at the emotional level. It’s one of the smartest ways for brands to trigger emotion and maintain engagement. 888-956-4562, business.stingray.com  



eHungry can custom-brand an online ordering system for your pizza restaurant. It’s big on features and low on cost—only 1.9% per order. Just sign up online, send over your menu and the eHungry team will take care of the rest. Run it under your brand, website and merchant account to have full control of your customers, orders and payment data.  eHungry.com, info@ehungry.com


Hot Rocks 

If you cook with a deck oven and need to increase your output, the Hot Rocks Oven could be the solution. This granite stone conveyor lets you ramp up production capacity without ever burning a single pie. You can cook more than 100 pies per hour and stack three ovens on top of each other. Imagine how many more pizzas you can sell! 855-278-3385, hotrocksovens.com



Revention delivers a comprehensive pizza point-of-sale solution that’s easy to use and manage while providing exceptional user experience. With integrated online and mobile ordering and a loyalty program, it can also support your company’s growth and scale from one location to multiple pizzerias. revention.com/pizzapos


Granbury/Thrive POS

With new monthly plans starting as low as $149, managing your pizza delivery business with Thrive tools has never been more affordable. Tired of getting nickel-and-dimed by third parties? Go all in with the Preferred Processor Ultimate Plan for a flat rate of $349, which includes unlimited licenses and third-party integrations—and the complete suit of Thrive tools. bit.ly/thrive-pmq 

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