Hanson Heat Lamps

For more than 30 years, Hanson Heat Lamps has made some of the finest freestanding heat lamps, carving stations and sneeze guards in the world. They also produce a wide variety of stylish and reliable ceiling-mounted and retractable heat lamps. Headquartered in Sun Valley, California, Hanson is a family-owned and -operated company and makes everything right here in the USA. hansonheatlamps.com

Mr. Peel

Mr. Peel offers laminate boards for make-up, cutting and serving, with a shape and size for every need in a pizza, sandwich or restaurant operation. Mr. Peel offers flatbread, makeup, peel shape and bread boards. All boards are NSF-listed and can be easily washed. Custom orders are welcome, and Mr. Peel also offers thermal bags, smallwares, aluminum peels and more. 734-266-2022, mrpeel.com

Alliance Funding

Alliance Funding Group has been financing small-, medium-, and enterprise-sized businesses throughout the United States since 1998. Since its inception, Alliance Financing has financed more than $2 billion in equipment leases and loans to thousands of customers in small- and mid-market arenas across the country. alliancefunding.com 


With Zenput, top operators can elevate team execution in every store. Restaurant, retail and other multi-unit operators—such as Chipotle, Domino’s and 7-Eleven—use the platform to automate rollout and enforcement of operating procedures and key initiatives. Supporting 40,000 locations in more than 35 countries, Zenput makes every field and store employee more productive and better equipped to do their jobs well. zenput.com

Incredible Bags

Incredible Bags has created a different kind of hot bag that dramatically keeps pizzas hotter during delivery. It features a combination of foam, a new type of poly batting, and a heat shield that reflects the heat back into the bag. At the same time, the bag’s exterior material allows moisture to escape while keeping the heat in.  And this high-tech bag is available at a very competitive price! 763-544-9453, incrediblebags.com 

Molino Denti

Molino Denti’s Infibra flours utilize all of what nature provides in wheat grain: vitamins, fiber, mineral salts and the ancient flavors of toasted wheat germ. They meet the growing needs of modern consumers in terms of well-being and great taste while preserving the original flavors of ancient home-made products. Infibra flours are 100% natural and designed for artisan and professional use. 908-627-1858, eur1source@gmail.com

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