Partner Spotlights

Product Spotlight: August 2019


Revention’s comprehensive Pizza POS is easy to manage while providing exceptional user experience. With integrated online and mobile ordering and loyalty programs, it has the functionality to support a pizzeria’s growth and scale from one location to multiple pizzerias. And its dedicated U.S.-based team offers 24/7 service. 


Hot Rocks Pizza Oven 

The cutting-edge Hot Rocks Pizza Oven combines the “the old-fashioned way of cooking’’ with speed and consistency. This granite stone oven can cook any style of pizza, even pan pizzas where baking the center is a challenge. The heat from the stone offers additional cooking, allowing for an optimal bake without sogginess. 855-278-3385,  



Menuvative provides a superior menu experience. It’s not a kiosk, it’s not an entertainment device, and it requires no input from guests. It is simply a more visual, descriptive, informative and engaging presentation of the menu that can be changed instantly as often as a restaurant requires, all at a low fixed cost.



Ovation, a relationship platform for restaurants, engages customers with kiosks, QR codes, text messaging and POS/loyalty integrations to measure their experience. It retains happy customers and gets them to share their experience while enabling live chat with unhappy customers, ensuring fewer 1-star and more 5-star reviews and 5% to 10% more revenue.


Russo’s Gluten Free Gourmet

A crowd favorite with adults and kids alike, gluten-free mozzarella sticks from Russo’s Gluten Free Gourmet are great for parties, an afternoon snack or a side to a meal that the whole family can enjoy. Other gluten-free products include pizza crusts, Pizza Poppers, gnocchi, cannoli shells, cauliflower pizza shells and more.


Granbury/Thrive POS

With new monthly plans starting as low as $149, managing your pizza delivery business with Thrive tools has never been more affordable. Tired of getting nickel-and-dimed by third parties? Go all in with the Preferred Processor Ultimate Plan for a flat rate of $349, which includes unlimited licenses and third-party integrations—and the complete suite of Thrive tools. Request a demo at