Tom’s Picks
Tom Boyles: Senior Account Executive

Detroit-style pan pizza is one of the hottest trending menu items. If you need the tools, DetroitStylePizza. com is your go-to shop. They offer a proven Detroit-style dough mix (even a gluten-free version) created by world champion pizza maker Shawn Randazzo and the tools to make it. With everything from Detroit-style pans, lids and utensils, you can add mouthwatering new pizzas to your menu at the click of a button. 586-439-0575, 

milford valley jalapeño sticks


Milford Valley

When I left the Milford Valley booth they were out of samples…because I ate them all. Here’s a fantastic new appetizer with an amazing profit margin, offered as a stuffed chicken bite, stick or entrée-sized portion. Flavors include Stuffed Jalapeno Sticks and Minis, Chicken Chips (chip-shaped nuggets), Stuffed Cordon Bleu chicken minis, Buffalo with cream cheese filling, and even a Whole Grain Chicken & Waffle nugget—all made with white meat chicken. 800-348-2812,

what chefs want products


What Chefs Want

Have a recipe idea but can’t get the ingredients you need? Chefs want what they want, and What Chefs Want gives it to you. Having a non-commissioned sales team means you get daily delivery, competitive pricing, broken cases on all lines, late cut-off times, 24/7 customer service, simplified ordering process, real-time pricing and more. They get your deliveries to you as quickly and easily as possible so you can run your business efficiently. No pesky sales folks bothering you for an order or upselling you. Just order what you need when you need it. 502-587-9012,


Linda’s Picks
Linda Green: Co-Publisher and Sales Director

The Timeinator

Staff training, quality and consistency can be improved instantly—while also reducing waste—thanks to The Timeinator. This digital kitchen timer app teaches total cook times, when to turn pies or pop bubbles. It can be quickly customized to work with any menu or kitchen/equipment layout. It’s great for tracking slice pie times, buffet items, operational tasks and more.


Peerless Ovens

In business for 100 years, Peerless Ovens manufactures high-quality, space-saving and affordable deck ovens, including pizza ovens, ovens for Mexican restaurants, bakeries and food trucks. Whether powered by gas, electric or ventless the flexibility of Peerless ovens makes them popular for all types of products and restaurants. 800-548-4514,