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Product Spotlight-March 2019


Portion PeeL

The Portion PeeL has it all: accuracy, consistency and a return on investment. It gives wood peel users a more accurate and consistent way to stretch dough. Its laser-etched measuring circles are custom-made to each customer’s pizza sizes, preventing overstretching dough, ensuring more accurate and consistent crusts, reducing food costs and increasing profits. Visit Pizza Expo booth no. 1277. portionpeels.com, 330-608-5928



Precision Mixers

Precision Mixers withstand the toughest of mixing environments and deliver savings with the longest warranty in the industry. With the HD-60 Pizza Mixer, which comes standard with a seven-year warranty on all gears and shafts in the transmission and planetary, your kitchen staff can mix with confidence. A range of mixers, from 10-quart to 140-quart, are available. Spiral mixers are also available. precisionmixers.com, 877-764-9377



Sunglo Patio Heater

The Sunglo Patio Heater Model PSA265 is a natural-gas outdoor heater for open restaurant patios. The in-ground post minimizes desk space and positions heaters at the ideal height for comfort and safety. It’s available in various control systems, from a manually controlled unit needing no electrical connections (PSA265) to a fully automated ignition system (PSA265E) requiring an external 24VAC source.
infradyne.com, 888-317-5255



Sierra Range Volare

From Sierra Range, the revolutionary Volare gas-fired, double-deck pizza oven inspires cooking perfection day after day. It features dual rotating ceramic stone decks and a glass enclosure. Designed for pizzerias, restaurants, airports, hotels, markets and schools, it will bake up to 160 medium-sized (12”) pies per hour—as well as sandwiches, breads and bagels—with the quality and taste you desire. mvpgroupcorp.com, 888-275-4588



The Equalizer

The Equalizer is a precision pizza-cutting tool. The multi-blade rocker knife controls and eliminates failed attempts at uniform slices of pizza. Critical for organizations involved in by-the-slice sales, equal slices deliver customer satisfaction and calculated nutritional portions. The Equalizer is available in multiple sizes and slice options. Visit Lloyd Pans at Pizza Expo booth no. 1857. lloydpans.com, 800-748-6251