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Product Spotlight-October 2019

Portion PadL

Simple to use and easy to clean, the Portion PadL cuts equal pizzas into equal slices. It’s custom-made for your pizza size and slice applications. Everyone on your staff will be able to cut equal slices, regardless of experience level. It reduces food costs, increases profits and ensures accurate nutritional reporting for FDA menu-labeling compliance.  330-608-5928, portionpadl.com


Dutchess Bakers 

The new DUT/PM-502 Dough Rounder/Kneader rounds dough balls in a range of 1 oz. to 24 oz. per piece. Ideal for pizza, bread and more, it’s compatible with the BMIH Manual Dough Divider. Divide your dough with a BMIH to your exact weight, then hand-feed it into the DUT/PM-502 for fast, efficient, low-cost dough ball production. 800-777-4498, dutchessbakers.com  



The SUNGLO Patio Heater Model PSA265 is a natural-gas outdoor heater ideal for open restaurant patios. The in-ground post minimizes desk space and positions heaters at the ideal height for comfort and safety. Options range from a manually controlled unit needing no electrical connections to a fully automated ignition system requiring an external 24VAC source.888-317-5255, infradyne.com


I’m Hungry Now

I’m Hungry Now will automatically fax your lunch specials to businesses in your area and secure the owners’ permission to send them. Their online system includes a product library of 200-plus pizzeria items, and you can easily add your own. Use their 28-day calendar to plan your specials for the next day, week or even the entire month. 973-934-0577, dailyspecialsfaxing.com


Bear Robotics

Penny is a self-driving robot that runs food, delivers drinks and busses empty plates between the kitchen and tables, freeing up restaurateurs and servers to spend more quality time with customers. Bear Robotics delivers “CEO” values—Customers need to receive a better guest experience; Employees need to be freed from physical strain; and Operators need an easier way to run a restaurant. bearrobotics.ai


Breeze Creative

Breeze Creative, an interactive experience design company, develops unique products using physical and virtual elements that amaze and intrigue. Its technologies bring life to any family entertainment center, children’s museum or digital playground. Its suite of edutainment products can be customized in content and in scale to create the experience you want. 786-650-9970, breezecreative.com



Upserve offers cloud-based restaurant POS, analytics, transparent processing, automated inventory and ordering, mobile restaurant management, and seamless integration with leading third-party restaurant apps. More than 9,000 restaurants use Upserve to manage relationships with more than 57 million active diners and process more than $9.9 billion in annual sales. 855-664-3887, upserve.com



Harri’s software technology platform helps pizzerias build, manage and engage their teams. It provides solutions for talent acquisition, employer branding, applicant tracking, scheduling, time and attendance, communications, compliance, and analytics. With 800,000 job seekers and 10,000 employers, Harri helps solve the labor-related challenges that plague the hospitality industry. harri.com



Jolt is mobile-device software that helps pizza restaurants achieve team accountability and food safety compliance while boosting employee performance. Jolt has helped thousands of restaurants master the seven pillars of restaurant success: hot food, fresh food, clean stores, consistent processes, fast service, friendly employees, and accurate orders. 877-396-4112, jolt.com



Spiffy is a mobile app that educates front-line staff to deliver a consistent message across all locations. Spiffy makes training technology accessible to restaurants of all sizes through a “network” model, where costs and content creation efforts are shared by restaurants, QSR and other vendors who need to ensure their content is consumed by front-line staff. withspiffy.com


Control Play 

Control Play provides customized HD music videos, music playlists, and digital signage solutions for bars and restaurants. Control Play helps subscribers exceed guests’ expectations through innovative digital audio/video experiences, creating an atmosphere that fits your brand and a guest experience that makes an impact as soon as they walk through the door. 866-896-3470, controlplay.com



Tipzyy is a mobile web-based platform that helps restaurant management run staff sales contests and incentives. It integrates with POS systems so staffers can check their position throughout contests, motivating them to sell more to win, while managers monitor progress with the Tipzyy dashboard. Staffers learn before earning an incentive and must pass a quick quiz on menu knowledge and customer recommendations. tipzyy.com