Part of the fun in owning a pizzeria is brainstorming creative ways to bring in the crowds.  Britt’s Pizzeria & Pub, located in Hampton, N.H., has dreamed up a successful discount that’s sure to attract customers – and perhaps the supernatural, too.

The year-old pizzeria offers a large cheese pizza at half-price during full moons.

“I try to come up with new and creative ideas for the business,” said owner Brittany Ward. “Back in January, I was doing some brainstorming for a monthly special. It just so happens we have a full moon once a month, so it seemed perfect.”

During the last full moon, which was on April 19, the pizzeria sold over 40 large cheese pizzas.

“Since it’s very new, word has been getting out through social media,” Ward said. “Every month we’ve sold more than the one before.”

When asked if her cheese pizza was created especially for the Full Moon special, Ward said, “I would love to let you know what separates our pizza sauce from our competitors, but then our secret sauce wouldn’t be a secret! I will tell you, though, that we make our dough and sauce in-house, and we use whole-milk mozzarella for the cheese.”

The pizzeria is coming up on its one-year anniversary since opening its doors last June. Ward said the first year brought a lot of learning opportunities related to earning success, attracting return customers, and providing a consistent product – all highlights of “a great year” for her.

Ward said that the biggest thing she focuses on is customer satisfaction. “A lot of our items on the menu are named after friends, family, and customers,” she said. “They give us their ideas, and we make them happen by putting them right on the menu!”

There are five namesake pizzas currently on the menu, such as The Jimmy, which features shaved steak, onion, green pepper, and American cheese – all without sauce. Another standout is The Mr. Pat, which has fried chicken, bacon and Alfredo sauce.

The most popular dish on the menu has been The Grace’s Homemade Meatballs, which Ward says has been in her family for decades.

“I’m very happy to be able to make them for everyone to try,” she said.

The next full moon is on May 19, so bring an empty stomach, a half-full wallet, and possibly a silver bullet for the local ravenous werewolf. Consult the Farmer’s Almanac for a full moon schedule. 

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