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Why You Should Be Using QR Codes in Your Pizza Restaurant

  • QR codes can save your restaurant money while improving your customers’ experience from the minute they walk through the door.
  • QR codes allow you to add new items to your menu and have them update automatically, without worrying about creating a specials board or a physical menu.

By Ashley Harris

Advancements in modern technology have made running a restaurant far more seamless than ever before. Everyone from restaurant managers to serving staff can now take advantage of software tools that automate tedious or time-consuming payment tasks so that you can focus on the day-to-day running of your business.

In this article, we will be looking at the benefits of using QR codes in your restaurant.

What is a QR Code?
A QR code is a “quick response” code that instantly shares encrypted information about a business or a product the moment it is scanned by the consumer. QR codes basically work in the same way barcodes do.

There are many advantages to using QR Codes in your restaurant; flexibility and convenience—for both you and your customer—is a big one. Whether it’s on the back of your menu, at your point of sale, or in a carryout waiting area, you can stick QR codes just about anywhere and improve your customers’ experience from the minute they walk through the door.

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Reduce Contamination Risk
Since the outbreak of COVID-19, hygiene standards have risen exponentially, particularly in restaurants. The Center for Disease Control has suggested minimizing as much as possible the use of shared items between people. More than 66% of customers confirmed that if a restaurant implemented hygienic solutions, it would increase the likelihood of them placing orders.

QR codes are a safe and hygienic way of providing excellent customer service without the need for physical menus being passed from person to person. This greatly risks the risk of contamination in your establishment between customers and staff.

You can even supplement this with contactless payment methods as well, so that contamination is greatly reduced and customers can enjoy eating at your restaurant without worrying about encountering any serious germs.

Promote Savings and Discounts
Another benefit of QR codes is the time and money savings they offer to customers. In an instant, your customers can check your menu and confirm the order they want straight away—a useful feature for those in a rush—while also offering specialized discounts.

On your end, QR codes allow you to add new items to your menu and have them update automatically, without worrying about creating a specials board or a physical menu. This is a great money-saver, particularly if you are in the beginning stages of setting up your pizza business.

Time-Efficient and Convenient
The primary reason QR codes are so popular in restaurants is simple: They are extremely convenient for both you and your customers. Because QR codes automate the task of providing each table with a menu, your staff will have a lot more time and energy to focus on improving their customer service. Instead of scrambling between tables with physical menus and taking orders, your waiters can enjoy reduced customer demand and focus on providing excellent customer service.

For customers, QR codes mean they won’t have to put up with a delay while waiting for the server to arrive at their table with a physical menu. This also reduces the pressure on customers to decide what they want to order within a certain timeframe or in the presence of your waitstaff. QR codes are also extremely convenient for you, the restaurant owner, as they offer a great customer experience, encouraging customers to come back again.

Nick Fewings / Unsplash

Increased Brand Awareness
QR codes are also customizable to your needs, giving you the ability to showcase your restaurant’s individual branding and style to convert customers faster.

You can personalize your QR code to display the name and logo of your business and imprint your brand in the customers’ minds. This is a great way to increase brand awareness. What’s more, when customers see your logo while scrolling through social media, they will immediately associate it with good food and a great experience, encouraging them to return. Customizing your QR codes can guarantee that you’ll see customers return.

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Reduced Printing Costs
Environmentally conscious businesses are becoming increasingly popular as consumers search for ways to shop more sustainably and save the planet. “While brands are increasingly making purpose-driven pledges to tackle the rising concerns of climate change, they are failing to drive consumer sentiment and loyalty,” says Katie Gilsenan, consumer insights manager at GlobalWebIndex. “This is likely because their CSR efforts are often not clearly communicated and consumers don’t have enough information around how brands actually plan to achieve their pledges.”

When running a restaurant, there are numerous decisions to make regarding sustainable practices that can help better your business while reducing its carbon footprint. QR codes are a great way to do this as they take much of your service digital, greatly reducing the need for printing.

The use of QR codes isn’t just a money-saver, it’s also a planet-saver, helping your restaurant be more environmentally conscious. What’s more, because QR codes do everything digitally, you can easily update all images, pricing and product details with very little time or effort.

Easy to Use
QR codes are conducive to smartphones, making them both a popular and convenient option for mobile users. By snapping the QR code in your restaurant, your customers can quickly discover any special deals, scroll through the menu, place an order, and even make a payment. It really is that easy!

Final Words
Implementing QR codes in your restaurant is one of the best ways to make your customers’ and employees’ lives easier. From convenience and hygiene to customization and brand awareness, QR codes are the future of business and will ensure your restaurant is set up for long-term success.

Ashley Harris started her career in hospitality over 10 years ago and has a degree in Global Masters in Management. She is passionate about innovations in the hospitality and food sector and is looking to connect with other professionals in the industry. Follow her on Twitter: @ashley_harris91