Dec. 28th – Still visiting the family in Florida for the holidays. Up through New Year’s. If you don’t hear from me by Jan. 3…send  help. Brandy, you know where I keep the key! I just went to the grocery store and got all the ingredients for a good first official meal and some pizzas leading up to it for the traditional family pizza party. I wanted to have something nice on day one. We had a great Christmas meal on the day, and I filled up, regardless of the snickering faces and judging eyes of family. Funny enough, ever since then, the family constantly asks about what I can and cannot have. Half out of innocent curiosity, the other half loading up on ammunition for jokes and emotional torture later. However taunted I will be later, it had me looking even deeper into labels and ingredients. I can usually guess if it is vegan but it never hurts to check. You’d be surprised what you find.

Dec. 31 – Had my last bit of true pepperoni pizza
and a little tribute to Meat, Cheese & Milk. I’ll miss you guys!



Vegan Mac and Cheese with Fake’un. Day 1 meal for the family!

Jan. 1 – Ready to go. Since I’m traveling and away form my kitchen I’m just Grocery boxing it for the next couple days. Found a lovely vegan mac & cheese with avocados and ‘fake’un’ bits. Made some pizzas with the family and friends. Had a nice vegan Neapolitan style pizza with green pepper and black olives and some store-bought vegan mozz. I know, thus negating the Neapolitan style further. I’m thinking about how I am gonna handle the transition. I did so much thinking about making the meats, I didn’t actually make a plan or schedule creation of those plant-based substitutes. I am going to be trying out seitan and starch-based pepperonis and meat. Tricky to master but I am gonna see how close I can get before I give in and buy it.


Happy New Year’s!!!!
Let’s all try something new!

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