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How to Achieve the Perfect Dough Mix

To make sure your dough has been properly mixed, use the dough’s appearance as a guide. There are exceptions, though, for emergency dough and frozen dough. Related: Try this recipe for a Crispy Pepperoni and Egg Breakfast Pizza Question: How do I know when my dough has been properly mixed? Answer: The … More


Gas vs. Electric Oven? Here Are the Pros and Cons of Both

It’s a discussion that has scored space in PMQ’s Think Tank for more than a decade: Gas or electric? Tom Lehmann, consultant for Dough Doctor Consulting in Manhattan, Kansas, notes that gas ovens, being much more popular in the United States, often receive the brunt of manufacturers’—and operators’—focus. But … More

this photo shows eggs being added to pizza dough
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Should I Add Eggs to My Pizza Dough?

Eggs can improve browning in your pizza crust, but does the cost outweigh the benefits? Although adding egg whites can yield a crispier crust, simply baking the pizza for a minute or so longer will usually give you the same results. Related: How to achieve the right dough temperature for … More

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A Newcomer’s Guide to Pizza Dough Equipment

For smaller pizzerias looking to expand or newcomers to the pizza business, consider creating a checklist of the equipment you need and why you need it. Everything starts with choosing the right dough mixer, and several different types are available, depending on your needs. Every farmer needs a tractor. Every … More


Video: How to Effectively Manage Your Pizza Dough

In this video from 2015, the late, great Tom Lehmann, the pizza industry’s most respected and renowned pizza dough expert, talked to PMQ’s Brian Hernandez about effective dough management. The Dough Doctor shared his expert tips and techniques for making dough balls, cross-stacking your dough trays and getting them ready … More


Mario Caputo, Owner of Bell’Italia Pizzeria, Dies at 64

Born in Tolve, Italy, pizzaiolo Mario Caputo and his family moved to Waterbury, Connecticut, when he was 11 years old, and he soon embarked on a life of entrepreneurship. When his sister, Evelina, and childhood friend Paola decided to find Caputo a wife, he surprised them both by asking Paola … More


Improving Your Pizza Dough With a Water Filtration System

For some operators, the quest for the perfect water results from wanting to perfectly copy a specific region’s H20, often with the aim of creating a “true” New York-style product. “I know some people say it’s not true that water makes a difference, but when you’re making a bread product, … More