Technology plays an increasing role in how restaurateurs run their operations, and disparate systems have led to wasted time and money. As 2020 wraps up, it’s important to evaluate what’s working well and what areas of your restaurant need improvement to hit the ground running in 2021.

Join HungerRush for a webinar as they delve into the latest industry trends and uncover where the market is leading. We’ll discuss how you can take back control of your restaurant, the future of self-service, and products that are proven to keep your restaurant moving ahead of the curve. Save your seat!

Topics include:

  • How to get more value from your customers
  • How digital ordering plays a key role in the future of restaurants
  • The truth about a subscription economy and why it’s important
  • Moving toward a self-service first model without losing the customer experience
  • Pivoting quickly, and frequently as COVID-19 remains a key hurdle

Speakers include:

  • Shatha Najjar, Product Manager, Point of Sale & Loyalty, HungerRush: Throughout Shatha’s career, she has built a proficient and celebrated client relations skillset. Shatha brings years of hands on experience including, True IT, configuration, and as a subject matter expert to HungerRush.
  • Jamie Swartz, Director of Product Marketing, HungerRush: Jamie leads the marketing direction and strategic vision for the HungerRush portfolio set. She is an experienced technology marketing executive with over 16 years of experience in product marketing across a multitude of industries. A technophile and storyteller, Jamie is deeply passionate about user experience and solving customer pain points in a creative, exciting way.
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