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Gi.Metal Launches the Napoli, a Peel Dedicated to Champions

The new professional peel is designed for pizza makers who work in the true Neapolitan pizza tradition.

Gi.Metal has dedicated its newest pizza peel, the Napoli, to the chefs who have made Naples the true pizza capital of the world.

In a press release, the Tuscan company said the peel is “a tribute…to the city’s champions and to all the pizza makers who every day give value to the Neapolitan tradition.” The professional peel is designed for pizza makers who make pizza in the true Neapolitan tradition, using wood-fired ovens that reach 500 degrees and churning out a high number of pizzas every day.

“The Napoli peel celebrates the very essence of ‘Neapolitan-ness’, understood, beyond all geographical boundaries, as a true way of being, living, loving, thinking and conceiving existence,” the press release states.

The Napoli peel combines technology and progress with a unique and attractive design. The light-blue, S.P.C. (Special Powder Coated)-handle is inspired by the unmistakable color of the sky and sea that frame the Gulf of Naples.

This photo shows a close-up of the pizza peel's blue handle and rivets.

The press release continues: “Gi.Metal’s three iconic rivets, on the other hand, are colored in the red, white and green of the Italian flag, symbolizing the unmistakable quality of Gi.Metal’s Made in Italy [promise], guaranteeing maximum stability and strength of the peel at its most delicate point—the junction between the peel head and the handle.”

Adding further character to the peel is the tricolor pennant placed at the lower end of the handle. And for pizza makers looking for a peel that also tells their own story, they can order the Napoli with their own personalized engraving.

The Napoli peel allows the disc of dough to be lifted directly onto the peel, accompanying it with both hands, and to be easily spread and stretched over the tool, Gi.Metal says. “The perforation of the peel head is functional to these movements. The design, circular shape and quantity of the holes, in fact, were conceived with the typical gesture of preparing this type of pizza in mind, which requires optimal flour discharge.”

The head is made of S.H.A. (Special Hard Anodizing) aluminum, which guarantees:

● Heat resistance three times greater than anodised aluminium
● Greater lightness for better work optimisation
● Durability, with great resistance to corrosion, scratches and wear and tear
● Extreme smoothness thanks to the ultra-low friction coefficient

The peel is available in three different head sizes (13’’, 14’’ and 16”) and three different handle lengths (23”, 47” and 59”).

“Discover Napoli and choose excellence”