A strong and durable mixer capable of blending dough for every pizza served is crucial for smooth pizzeria operations. A good machine that can keep up with high order volumes while being reliable and efficient is a linchpin of the operation, while a machine that’s prone to malfunction is a recipe for disaster.

Recognizing the need for durability, Precision Mixers provides a range of resilient and long-lasting mixers designed for tough environments. The brand’s HD-60, 80-Quart Pizza Mixer, a tough, streamlined machine, offers an industry-leading seven-year warranty on gears and shafts in the planetary and transmission. It is designed to tackle many mixing tasks, from dense dough to thick mixtures. In fact, HD-60 Pizza Mixer is so tough, it’s been chosen by manufacturers to mix everything from makeup to cement without any loss in performance.

Though the mixer is streamlined without bells and whistles frequently seen in the industry, the mixer’s simplicity and user-friendly design is actually a bonus for restaurants, as it results in minimal downtime. Without complicated electrical components, these mixers can be repaired by anyone comfortable working with basic mechanical components, and parts, such as belts, can be sourced from local auto or electrical supply stores. 

However, if restaurants do want to source parts directly from Precision Mixers, they are available at the company’s headquarters in Albany, New York.

Meanwhile, because Precision Mixers’ approach is distinctly customer-oriented, the company focuses on helping restaurants eliminate unnecessary expenses and constraints. The brand does not require restaurants to sign expensive repair and maintenance contracts or work with certain repair providers, which puts power—and savings—into the hands of the restaurant leader.

Though pizza is a tough business, it doesn’t have to be tougher because of equipment. Using durable, easy-to-repair pizza mixers can help restaurants eliminate downtime and unnecessary expense while freeing up staff to focus on what they do best: serving guests.

Learn more at precisionmixers.com.

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