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Pizzeria walls tell a story. Often there are personal photos, sports memorabilia, and other items that give patrons a hint of who the owner is. Ingredient photos, like dew-kissed tomatoes and fields of grain, as well as pictures of Italy, are also common and send a message of authenticity and freshness.  

Over the years, smart brands have created signage that allows pizzerias to share the quality products they use, recognizing that customers care about this. In fact, according to a 2022 survey by Ingredient Communications and Surveygoo, people are not only more likely to purchase a product with a branded ingredient but are willing to pay up to 75 percent more for that product. 

Grande Cheese was a pioneer of pizzeria signage, using a sleek black design to convey the premium nature of their product. Their large-format posters have become a ubiquitous decor piece in independent pizzerias across the country.

Mike’s Hot Honey is a brand that has always had an appreciation for restaurant signage. Taking its cue from the bar industry, it placed its first neon sign at Paulie Gee’s Slice Shop in Brooklyn in 2017 and has rolled it out to 50 more select tastemakers since that time.

“Walking into a bar with a neon sign in the shape of a glass of Guinness or a bottle of Corona is instantly familiar and comfortable for the average bargoer,” says Matt Beaton, CEO of Mike’s Hot Honey. In fact, a bar without these signs might just feel like it was missing something. “We wanted to capture this same feeling and be seen as a badge of quality in the pizza world,” Beaton says. 

Knowing it wouldn’t be feasible to offer neon signs to every customer, Mike’s Hot Honey developed a suite of signage options they send—free of charge—to any customer that features Mike’s Hot Honey on the menu. There are wall-hanging signs like posters and LED signs as well as small items like static clings, coasters and table tents. Branded displays for retailing Mike’s Hot Honey bottles or dip cups are also available.

Displaying respected brands like Mike’s Hot Honey in your business is a win-win for the brand and the restaurant, since 57 percent of consumers say they are willing to pay a premium for name-brand foods and beverages when dining out.

As the fastest-growing pizza topping—up 395 percent since last year—hot honey is quickly becoming a staple ingredient in all types of pizzerias. Its crave-worthy flavor combo of sweetness and heat is easily executed with a simple post-oven drizzle. To make it easier, the most popular pairing is with pepperoni, so creating a featured Hot Honey Pepperoni menu item requires only one additional ingredient. 

If you’re looking to deliver a higher level of heat, Mike’s Hot Honey also offers an Extra Hot flavor that is now available in its bestselling 24-ounce foodservice pack size. From dip cups and packets to squeeze bottles and jugs, there are options for every operator and occasion.

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